12 Impressively Detailed Scrap Metal Steampunk Insects

Edouard Martinet is the creator behind this impressive collection of steampunk insects and the attention to detail is undeniably awesome. … [Read more...]

Resume Template3

8 Effective and Free to Use Resume Template Downloads

Whether you are in the creative business or not an effectively designed resume template can help you stand out from the stack of resumes your … [Read more...]


21 Instagram Photographers That You Should be Following

More than 16 billions photos have been uploaded to Instagram and 57 million (and counting) of them contain #selfie. So with that … [Read more...]

Mosaic Bird Sculptures

Intricate Mosaic Bird Sculptures by Dusciana Bravura

These beautiful and intricate mosaic bird sculptures are by Ravenna and Venice based artist Dusciana Bravura. To make each sculpture … [Read more...]

Photography Project5

Photography Project: The Craftsmen by Dean Bradshaw

Los Angeles based photographer and director Dean Bradshaw's project 'The Craftsmen' features a metalworker in Venice, a carpenter and … [Read more...]

Underwater Pole Dancing Photography

Striking Underwater Pole Dancing Photography by Brett Stanley

In late 2014 Brett Stanley started this striking underwater pole dancing project, he worked with the pole fitness company X-Pole and … [Read more...]


New Script Font! Abbie Script Pro + Bonus Free font

Some of you may be familiar with my recent free font, Abbie Script. Today I launched the PRO version of Abbie Script and it is a beauty! The … [Read more...]

figurative paintings

Classical Figurative Paintings by Maria Kreyn

This compilation of figurative paintings are by artist Maria Kreyn, she currently lives and works in New York City and has been included in many … [Read more...]


Damon Hellandbrand Re-Creates Zodiac Signs into Mythical Creatures

US based artist Damon Hellandbrand has re-created the well known 12 Zodiac Signs into Mythical creatures that are full of detail and unique … [Read more...]

Skateboard Design4

Awesome Natural Wood Skateboard Design by Marco & Sven

Marco & Sven have designed this natural wood skateboard, the skateboard is made with a single piece of wood and they have called it … [Read more...]

Watercolor Portrait Paintings

Gorgeous Watercolor Portrait Paintings by Agnes Cecile

Agnes Cecile is the self taught artist behind this wonderful collection of watercolor portrait paintings. As well as watercolor she … [Read more...]

inverted portrait

Artist Draws Negative Portraits that look Amazing when Inverted!

Imgur user Chetmayor submitted this collection of images that show the incredible talent of his friend from college (unfortunately yet to be … [Read more...]

Typographic Mural

Starbucks Coffee Guides: Typographic Murals by Jaymie McAmmond

Jaymie McAmmond is a freelance designer and illustrator based in New York and compilled below is a collection of what she created for the coffee … [Read more...]

pencil sculpture 1

An Incredible Collection of Sculptures Made Out Of Pencils

Usually you would expect the pencil to be the tool used to create the artwork, but in the case of Jennifer Maestre the pencil becomes the artwork. … [Read more...]


Pixlsby Launch an Awesome Icon Design Bundle That’s Worth Every Cent! (600+ Icons!)

Pixelsby is a design studio that specializes in creating beautiful UI kits and icons and here we have their latest bundle. Within this … [Read more...]


12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art

Lets kick this off by saying that these Photoshop actions literally made my jaw drop. Rewind 10 years, there I am spending hours upon hours in … [Read more...]

free font

Free Font Download: Aery by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Aery is a free font created by Marie-Michelle Dupuis, she is a graphic designer based in Quebec, Canada. Aery is free for personal use and … [Read more...]


Dog Photography Project: Old Faithful by Pete Thorne

Pete Thorne is currently based in Toronto and this particular photography project titled 'Old Faithful' has had worldwide coverage. The … [Read more...]

Bookstore Branding5

Tom Reid’s Bookstore Branding by Sebastian Bednarek

Tom Reid's Bookstore Branding was created by freelance graphic designer Sebastian Bednarek. The bookstore was established in 1984, is family … [Read more...]

Pencil Sketches3

Reversed Portrait Pencil Sketches by Nettie

This collection of reversed portrait pencil sketches are by Nettie Wakefield, each piece was created with pencil and limited edition prints are … [Read more...]

Underwater Photography2

Stunning Underwater Photography by Erin Mulvehill

Erin Mulvehill has titled her underwater project 'To be Reborn'. It features people underwater with a mist effect giving the project a … [Read more...]