chris buzelli2

Various Oil Paintings by Chris Buzelli

Chris Buzelli is an illustrator currently based in New York City, he specialises in oil paintings and his work has been featured in national … [Read more...]


The Inspiration Hut’s Marketplace Has Completely Changed – Here’s Why

For over a year now I (Tom Chalky) have been creating and selling fonts through Inspiration Hut's Marketplace. The feedback has been … [Read more...]


Awesome Beard Art by Incredibeard

The face of Incredibeard Isaiah Webb creates rad art with his beard, whilst saving lives in the process! Incredibeard donates a portion … [Read more...]

surreal portrait paintings4

Surreal Portrait Paintings by Carl Beazley

UK based artist Carl Beazley is the artist behind this collection of surreal portrait paintings, the project is called 'Where's Your … [Read more...]

Packaging Design

Packaging Design: Classical Music Collection by Valentin Leonida

Valentin Leonida has created this packaging design for a box that holds a full collection of classical music stored on 'crystal sticks … [Read more...]

landscape photography2

Travel and Landscape Photography by Koveh Tavakkol

Koveh Tavakkol specialises in travel and landsape photography, he is completely self taught and captures beautiful photographs with great … [Read more...]


The Inspirational Sketchbook of Pat Perry

This collection of inspirational sketchbook art is by Pat Perry, he is an artist from Michigan and a member of the Beehive Design … [Read more...]

Candy Alphabet

Eat Me, The Candy Alphabet by Massimo Gammacurta

This mouth watering project is called 'Eat Me, The Candy Alphabet' and is by conceptual photographer and multimedia artist Massimo … [Read more...]

Dreamlike Illustrations

Eyecatching Dreamlike Illustrations by Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor is the creator of these dreamlike illustrations, she is currently working freelance and is based in Bogotá, … [Read more...]

Feather Art2

Brilliant Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard specializes in feather art, he began showing his work in 2010 but has worked with feathers since the age of 12. He calls his work … [Read more...]

Unique Portrait Paintings4

Unique Portrait Paintings by Kris Lewis

This collection of unique portrait paintings are by Los Angeles based artist Kris Lewis, the pieces below were all created using oil … [Read more...]

Restaurant Branding3

Restaurant Branding: ‘Source’ by Ginger Monkey

Ginger Monkey has designed this restaurant branding for Source; a UK based restraunt showcasing seasonal British Ingredients. We have featured … [Read more...]


A Collection of Christmas Design Projects To Get You in the Spirit

Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, it's all around us and within this article I have compiled a sweet collection of Christmas design … [Read more...]

Zhao Na

Illustration Project: Drunk in Autumn by Zhao Na

Zhao Na is a professional illustrator based in Beijing, China and she has titled this project 'Drunk in Autumn'. The piece was created using … [Read more...]

Black and White Woodland Photography

Black and White Woodland Photography by Teemu Oksanen

This series of black and white woodland photography is by Finland based photographer Teemu Oksanen, he specializes in monochrome fine art … [Read more...]

lucia fainzilber4

Photography Project: Somewear by Lucia Fainzilber

Lucia Fainzilber is an art director, photographer and cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her project titled 'Somewear' is a collection of … [Read more...]

Project Charisma

Branding Design: Project Charisma for Camellia & Hilary

Project Charisma is a branding project by Ken Lo, he explains the reasoning for the project as "every woman has a unique charisma to … [Read more...]

mountain photography

Gorgeous Mountain Photography by Tanner Wendell Stewart

Tanner Wendell Stewart's mountain photography was part of his project titled 'Shoot The Skies', which involved taking a photo everday for … [Read more...]

digital fantasy art3

Digital Fantasy Art by Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson is a junior games and concept artist and has created the digital fantasy art you see below. He is currently working … [Read more...]


Premium Hand Drawn Script Fonts That Are Worth Every Cent!

Behind the scenes we are completely revamping the marketplace where we sell the fonts I create. Part of the revamp has included opening a Creative … [Read more...]

Oil Paintings2

Unique Oil Paintings by Davide Cambria

Davide Cambria is the artist behind these oil paintings, he creates them using oil paints on canvas, wood or board. He is a self taught painter that … [Read more...]