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Portfoliobox: Designers’ Go-To Building Tool For Portfolio Websites

We all know it’s no longer necessary to call for the coding skills of a web developer each time you need to get a website up and running. A … [Read more...]

The Bearded Mermaid

Your Favorite Disney Princesses With Beards – Its Movember

To celebrate movember (or no shave november), buzz feeds Adam Ellis has re-invented your favorite Disney Princesses with beards. As with all … [Read more...]

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Probably the Worlds First Vacuum Art – Electrolux UltraCaptic Advert

The worlds first vacuum art might be a bold statement, and probably untrue. But this is most definitely the first Vacuum art to feature in a … [Read more...]


Webydo : A Professional Platform for Web Designers

Take back control of your creative process web designers, and imagine a platform that gives you the freedom of web design from start to finish. … [Read more...]

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The Shocking Manipulation of Models in Advertising (Time Lapse Video)

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool, and that it plays an important role in the lives of millions. But as the saying goes, with power, … [Read more...]


Coca-Cola Launches a High-End Fashion Line – Coca-Cola by DrX

Coca-Cola is launching a high-end fashion line with the help of Dr. Romanelli aka DrX, a designer who is well known for … [Read more...]


Better Out Than In – Banksy in New York City

Banksy is residing in New York city this month (October 2013). And for each day, he has been creating different pieces of artwork … [Read more...]

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Society Hut – Cats Cats and more Cats

The internet has become obsessed with cats and although I have time for all animals, I'm a dog guy. But that aside, in this weeks society hut … [Read more...]


Article Recycling – Vintage Typography, Nude Photography and More.

We have nearly 1,500 articles published on Inspiration Hut, and if you have read every single one of them we would firstly be very honored, … [Read more...]

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Get Your Chance to Win 1 of 3 Free PixelKit Membership Accounts

We are big fans of UI design, and looking at our statistics so are you. So in reaction to this we have arranged a competition … [Read more...]

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Gadget Weekly – Beautiful Leather Notebook, F Off Note Card and More

The gadget weekly is going to be a weekly article featuring various products that we feel you guys will enjoy, taken from the archives of Gadget … [Read more...]

Cool Stuff Wordpress Theme

Competition Time! Win 3 Premium WordPress Themes by Tesla Themes

"Drum roll please!" Do you fancy winning three premium wordpress themes from the collection available at Tesla Themes? ("Yes, yes I … [Read more...]


Four Ways to Test and Improve Your Website

Having a great website speaks to your business and your brand. What's worse than not having a website is having a poorly running one. If your site … [Read more...]

Modern CV with Cover Letter

CV Templates: Nail Down that Job Application

Still waiting on a call from potential employers? Maybe your resume is not working for you. Your curriculum vitae or CV is the very first document … [Read more...]


Fotor – An Easy and Free Online Photo Editor – Pretty Good!

Recently, we received an email from the guys at Fotor regarding their free online photo editor, and I was pleasantly surprised. Being a massive … [Read more...]

Herbs and Spices

Why use Stock Imagery and Where to Find it?

The online community was almost up in arms a little over half a year ago when the new terms and conditions for Instagram said that pictures taken … [Read more...]


The Popular and Gorgeous Flat UI Pro Kit – by DesignModo

We are big fans of Flat UI, and DesignModo have recently come out with what I would consider the best Flat UI Kit available. Created around … [Read more...]

Custom Resume Design

How Far Is Too Far When Designing Creative Resumes

We've all read the stories and news accounts about how people landed their dream jobs using creative resumes.  One man turned his resume into … [Read more...]

Art and Design Submission

Grab Extra Exposure for You and Your Portfolio – Quickly and Easily

Getting exposure to your portfolio can be tough, and at Inspiration Hut we pride ourselves on providing that extra spotlight, but as much as … [Read more...]


Handy New Wallpaper App: Hypstr

How much do you hate looking for a wallpaper for your phone or a cover photo for your facebook? Like me, you probably end up spending hours looking … [Read more...]


12 Practical and Fun Gadgets for Photographers

I have complied together a great collection of practical and fun gadgets for photographers, and also included a great concept piece which every … [Read more...]

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5 Camera Filters That Should Be In Your Bag

Firstly what are Camera Filters? Camera filters are essentially a real life version of Photoshop that you can carry around and adjust onto … [Read more...]


Make Your Data More Interactive and Less Promotional

Data, data, data, the whole world is controlled and powered by data. The data might be market research, monthly sales or more … [Read more...]


10 Quality and Creative Stock Images Every 10 Days – New Tumblr Blog

A new tumblr blog called Unsplash has recently been launched by the guys behind Ooomf, "an Invite only marketplace that connects projects … [Read more...]

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Runner’s World Magazine (Art Director Nick Thackray)

These spreads are taken from the recent redesign of Runner's World, and demonstrate a strong mix of illustration, typography and … [Read more...]


How to Avoid Creating a Stale Website

When it comes to designing websites, you have a lot on your plate. You have to find a way to create a captivating and intriguing location for visitors … [Read more...]

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How to Make a Website? – A Simple Solution for the Everyday Man

This article targets those who want to know how to make a website the easy, cheap and quick way. It might be for their business, for family photos or … [Read more...]


How to Identify That Mysterious and Perfect Font in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever been stuck in that situation where you are faced with an image of the 'perfect font' that you need for your … [Read more...]

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A Search Engine for Vector Imagery – Review

Vectors, Vectors, Vectors, all designers at some point need Vector images and where there is a demand there is a source and as the demand gets … [Read more...]


Tips for Beginners when Creating Creative business cards

Business cards are presented for a formal introduction of a business as well as the professional attached to the organization. Through business cards … [Read more...]

a social network for dogs

A Social Network for Dogs: Pawprints

I have just come across an awesome concept for an app, it's a social network for dogs, unfortunately not launched for the public it has been … [Read more...]


What Does the Shape of Your Marketing Materials Say About You?

If you think that communication in marketing is restricted to only the printed words and designs, then you’re forgetting a crucial form of … [Read more...]

Poker Website Designs

10 Poker Website Designs – What makes them click?

Gambling, Gambling & more Gambling, you will find that pretty much every dynamic website will, at some point, have something related to gambling … [Read more...]

Magazine Layout Wireframe Design

What Makes a Good Magazine Layout? The Bottom Line.

Straight off the bat, I have lied to you. I don't have the definitive answer to the question 'What makes a good magazine layout?', as the answer quite … [Read more...]

Business Card Infographic Design

Business Card Design Psychology – Infographic Design

Here we have the second infographic design of the day, this one is particularly aimed at designers rather than your average "Tom Dick and Harry", as … [Read more...]


Selling Your Products Online

Do you have a product or service that you sell but don’t yet have an online store? Then hopefully this article about selling products online can … [Read more...]


What Your Office Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

It takes an alarmingly short amount of time for someone to gather an impression of your company, so great first impressions are essential for a … [Read more...]

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Exclusive Deals from MightyDeals

There are plenty of 'deal' websites that apparently save you lots of money when in reality they barely save you anything, but on the flip … [Read more...]