outline font

Free Outline Font: WAMED by Laura Pol

We love fonts, from the wacky and creative to the straight up and sans-serif, and we aim to bring you atleast 1 new font download every … [Read more...]


10+ Psychadelic Stained Paper Textures

This collection of awesome psychadelic stained paper textures are from the Lost and Taken site, a great resource for high quality textures. If … [Read more...]

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Professional and Creative Portfolio WordPress Themes by Themezilla

Themezilla is one of the most popular wordpress theme agencies in the world, selling over $1million worth through Envato's Themeforest. Here … [Read more...]

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Flat 3D Mock-up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Mock-up Templates are great at helping you visualize whether or not your 'finished' design serves its intended purpose … [Read more...]


Free Type Face: Phantom by Frank Hemmekam

We love fonts, from the wacky and creative to the straight up and sans-serif, and we aim to bring you atleast 1 new font download every … [Read more...]


Design Freebies – 20 Creative and Elegant Seamless Floral Patterns

Seamless floral patterns can be used throughout a wide range of projects, the most popular being wallpaper design (desktop and actual), website … [Read more...]


The Popular and Gorgeous Flat UI Pro Kit – by DesignModo

We are big fans of Flat UI, and DesignModo have recently come out with what I would consider the best Flat UI Kit available. Created around … [Read more...]

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Free Grunge Font: Beautiful Future by Darko Mohedien

We love fonts, from the wacky and creative to the straight up and sans-serif, and we aim to bring you atleast 1 new font download every … [Read more...]

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Free Font: Baron by Frank Hemmekam

We love fonts, from the wacky and creative to the straight up and sans-serif, and we aim to bring you atleast 1 new font download every … [Read more...]


20+ Free High Resolution Wood Textures

Wood textures can add great depth and character to your pieces, and finding good textures that are also free can sometimes be quite difficult. But … [Read more...]

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10 Premium Realistic Logo Mock-Up Downloads

This article features 10 premium logo mock-up downloads, all of which are photorealistic and greatly detailed. The downloads work with … [Read more...]

High Resolution Leather Texture

Design Freebies – 10 Free High Res Background Leather Textures

Textures, Textures, Textures they are everywhere, and we are progressively seeing more and more creations boasting them. So heres a few more to add to … [Read more...]

crumpled paper texture

Design Freebies – 37 Free Paper Textures to Download

Here is our third collection of high quality and most importantly free paper textures. The addition of paper texture to your designs … [Read more...]


30 Detailed and Free Sand Textures

Here in the UK the sun has finally made an appearance, but for how long we don't know. Like most of you, I am working and can't enjoy … [Read more...]


Hand Drawn Slab Font – Swindale Slab

Swindale Slab, as you may have already guessed is a slab styled font. This is our first font with over 100 glyphs, and comes in both regular and … [Read more...]


25 Watercolor and Ink Photoshop Brushes No.3

Here is our third installment of our Watercolor and Ink photoshop brush set series, all of which are completely free to use personally and … [Read more...]


6 Paper Shadow Photoshop Effects (PSD File)

There are many situations in which you could find yourself requiring realistic paper shadows within photoshop, especially with the rise of … [Read more...]


12 Professional and Creative Fonts from the Lost Type Co-op

The Lost Type Co-op is a font foundry that run on a 'Pay what you like' basis, this allows you to pay as much or as little (free) as you like. … [Read more...]


Free 16 Page Case Study / Portfolio Booklet Download (InDesign File)

Here we have a modern, branded, and clean portfolio / case study booklet with 16 pages included to help enhance the presentation of your work and your … [Read more...]


18 Free Ice and Water Textures / Stock Photography

Here is a collection of free ice and water textures and stock photography, ranging from pretty water droplets and scratched ice to thrashing waves. To … [Read more...]


10 Quality and Creative Stock Images Every 10 Days – New Tumblr Blog

A new tumblr blog called Unsplash has recently been launched by the guys behind Ooomf, "an Invite only marketplace that connects projects … [Read more...]

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A Collection of 20 Free Calligraphy Fonts

Choosing the right font can make or break a design in seconds, but searching for that font could take hours, but dont worry. If you are in … [Read more...]

Free Photoshop Brush Pack

15 High Quality Cloud Photoshop Brushes

Our gift to you, a free Photoshop brush pack stuffed with high quality cloud brushes. In this particular pack there are 15 brush presets all larger … [Read more...]

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8 Beautiful Portfolio WordPress Themes That Utilize Flat UI Design

Flat UI Design has recently taken the headlines in the design community and I for one could not welcome it with wider arms. The general idea … [Read more...]

Free Font Download

Free Font Download – Graham Hand

We love fonts, from the wacky and creative to the straight up and sans-serif, and we aim to bring you atleast 1 new font download every … [Read more...]

interior design

A Collection of Interior Design Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Below I have compilled a collection of beautiful interior design themed wallpapers for all you interior design fans to spruce up your … [Read more...]

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Runner’s World Magazine (Art Director Nick Thackray)

These spreads are taken from the recent redesign of Runner's World, and demonstrate a strong mix of illustration, typography and … [Read more...]

Hand Drawn font

Hand Drawn Font – Allister – 4 Variations Available

If you are a regular  visitor here you would know that we have recently launched our marketplace, stuffed with some fantastic hand drawn fonts, … [Read more...]


Seamless Patterns by Eric Vadeboncoeur

Here is an inspiring collection of fresh seamless patterns by Montreal based graphic designer Eric Vadeboncoeur. Background Labs, is the website … [Read more...]

desktop wallpaper

A Fine Collection of Free Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

Since day dot we have been customizing all of our gizmo's and gadgets with custom wallpapers and themes, and if you are like me you could spend … [Read more...]

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A Simple & Clean Font by Inspiration Hut – Allister

Allister is a simple and clean font with a great hand-drawn aesthetic to add personality and oomph to this, what would be, an everyday typeface. Just … [Read more...]

Cracked grunge cement wall

6 Freemium High Quality Wall Textures – Brick, Concrete & Cracked Paint

Most digital artists including photographers have dabbled and experimented with the use of textures in their creations, and rightfully … [Read more...]

website background

20 Beautiful Seamless Patterns for your Website Background

I have compiled together this great collection of seamless patterns you could use for your website background, desktop background or even use in your … [Read more...]

Photoshop Brush Pack

50 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Free & Exclusive Download

Alas, we have created  fantastic Photoshop brush pack stuffed with Watercolor Brushes, 50 of them to be exact! This is the first in … [Read more...]

How to Draw Typography

How Do I Draw Letters? Its easy, right?

I was recently in the situation where I had to explain the answer to 'How do I draw letters?' and what a font was and that it was … [Read more...]

Photoshop Painting Tutorial

19 Useful and Creative Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Throughout this article you will find a fantastic compilation of creative photo manipulation tutorials that you can follow using Photoshop. All of the … [Read more...]

film grain tutorial

11 Photoshop Tutorials for your Landscape Photographs

Here are 11 Photoshop Tutorials for your Landscape photographs, the tutorials are generally aimed at beginners to intermediate. The tutorials target a … [Read more...]


Beautiful Hand Drawn Font Download – Brixton

Meet Brixton, the latest addition to the Inspiration Hut font family. Brixton is a complete font and entirely hand drawn with uppercase, lowercase, … [Read more...]