Jaw Dropping Digital Paintings by Reynan Sanchez

Reynan Sanchez is a freelance digital and traditional artist based in the Philippines. Some of his work has been featured in … [Read more...]


The Beautiful Cliff House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

The Cliff House, is a minimalist home located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was designed by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. This project reminds me … [Read more...]


Taipei Apartment Transformed into a Functional Studio and Residence

Chinese Interior design firm The Ganna Studio recently renovated a 1st floor apartment in Taipei to become their studio and a home for the … [Read more...]

sofa design

Sofa Design: NOVO by Brent Radewald

'Novo' is a minimalist sofa Brent Radewald designed and built while attending the University of Cincinnati. I have seen many … [Read more...]

Decorating Ideas

Bringing the Outside In – Urban Home in Sao Paolo

The 'Maracana House' is a two storey building that was designed by Brazilian architect studio Terrae Tuma and resides in … [Read more...]

architecture drawings

Architecture Drawings by Artur Stepniak

Artur Stepniak is an architecture student, his architecture drawings display great talent and shows that he has a great eye for perspective and … [Read more...]

living room

20 Living Room Designs to Inspire You

Last week I did a post on 'Inspirational Bathroom Designs' and now here I am with another, but this time we have moved on to the living room! The … [Read more...]

bathroom design

20 Inspirational Bathroom Designs

Here is a collection of 20 inspirational bathroom designs I found whilst searching the net. The perfect post for those re-decorating or for the rest … [Read more...]

modern furniture

Creative Studio Design of Eder Krisztian by Viktor Csap

The studio you see below is the creative home of Eder Krisztian and was designed by architect Viktor Csap, it's filled with modern furniture and … [Read more...]

interior design

Interior Design: Coca-Cola Headquarters in Shanghai

We don't feature enough interior design and architecture here at Inspiration Hut, so here's a feature of the awesome interior design over in Shanghai … [Read more...]

Futuristic Building UK

Top 20 Futuristic Buildings Within the UK

The selection of  futuristic buildings that we have compiled below look as if they should be built 100 years from now, but of course they will not be, … [Read more...]


The Iconic Aqua Building in Chicago

The City of Chicago has long been known for its majestic skyline.  In 2010, architect Jeanne Gang unveiled a new building that has become one of the … [Read more...]


10 Beautiful leather bed designs by Wedo for your Inspiration

Whether you are looking for ideas for an upcoming bedroom makeover or just like looking at beautifully crafted furniture, we have put together a … [Read more...]


Branding Design: MB4 (Made By Four) by Craig Pinto

Branding Design by Craig Pinto, Made By Four (MB4) is a fictitious, dynamic wine company. The concept sprung from my family and the history, and … [Read more...]

Identity Design

Identity Design: Pére Juice by Craig Pinto

Identity Design by Craig Pinto, Pére is an exotic, all natural juice product. The client named his company Pére based off his father who hand-made … [Read more...]


Man-Made Rainbow and Other Amazing Art Installations by Michael Elion (User Submission)

Michael Elion is an artist interested in the perception of beauty. He trained as an architect at the Architectural Association in London, and … [Read more...]

http://www.giovannirussografico.com/pages/biglietting.html (1)


I came across these awesome 3D Popup Postcards while searching through behance, they are sold in five continents and they offer an unlimited … [Read more...]


Inspirational Eco Friendly Art Installation (User Submission)

We recently received an email from the group that have been working along side street artists Roadsworth & B.Armstrong  to help transform a … [Read more...]

Beaver Cabinet by Straight Line Designs

Wacky and Hilarious Furniture by Straight Line Designs

This great collection of Furniture has been designed by Straight Line Designs, A team of 9 fantastic craftsman specializing  in installation spaces … [Read more...]

Jeff Kovel (9)

The Hoke House (The Cullen House from Twilight)

So, I was randomly having a gander and look what I happened to find. If any of you are fans of Twilight, here is the house from the movie! Exciting … [Read more...]