corporate identity

Corporate Identity: Blickfang Media by Pixelinme

Logotype and corporate identity for “Blickfang Media” by Pixelinme, a Germany-based design consultancy, specializing in brand … [Read more...]

packaging design

Packaging Design: Spiff by Oliver Lo

This hypothetical brand and packaging was designed with the goal of marketing traditional men's shaving products to a broader, contemporary male … [Read more...]

Kuala Lumpur

Infographic Design: Kuala Lumpur City Guide by Jung Zhang

Jing is an illustrator/typographer/designer based in East London, she has been working in the creative field for over 5 years, from automotive to … [Read more...]


Professional and Modern Branding Projects by Necon

As a designer, branding or in fact re-branding a company can be one of the biggest challenges for both the experienced, and inexperienced. You … [Read more...]

visual identity

Colorful and Inspirational Visual Identity for PIGMENTPOL

In collaboration with FELD studio for digital crafts, we created a new visual identity for PIGMENTPOL, a digital printing company with three … [Read more...]


Rebranding Project – BT Vision by ManVsMachine and Proud Creative

The face of BT Vision, the TV-on-demand service offered by BT to BT Total Broadband customers has been successfully re-branded, courtesy … [Read more...]

effective logo design

Simple and Effective Logo Design by José

Jose, a self taught graphic designer from the Netherlands, specialises in creating beautiful logo's and is known for the designs that she has … [Read more...]

product design

Beautiful and Retro Chocolate Box Designs from Brandhouse and Bassermachen

Most of us love chocolate right? I'll be honest and admit that I'm borderline obsessed. But, I'd love it even more if it was as … [Read more...]


Barber Shop Branding by Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner has created this branding solution for 'The Hair Taylor' an independent hair and fashion stylist from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Pete … [Read more...]


Vintage Branding: Daisy Bank Soap Co.

Branding is the face of a company, and its the most important element when trying to make a good impression on a potential customer or client. … [Read more...]

Full Width Site 2013

12 Beautiful Websites that Utilise Full Width Slideshows Correctly

Full width slideshows are becoming a trend, and a good one at that. Cause lets face it a lot of trends that happen in design can be … [Read more...]


Branding Concept: Pleasemachine Footwear by Zita Galántai

Zita Galántai has created this branding concept for Budapest based footwear brand Pleasemachine by Anna Zaboeva. To see more of Zita's … [Read more...]

App Design

App Design: Hey I Got You! by Mihomi

As human history continues, social problems have increased. I believe in the power of design–design can move you to act positively to the … [Read more...]


Simple and Effective Magazine Layout Design for Sommerszene 13

Austria based design firm Zwupp, was commissioned by Szene Salzburg to create the corporate branding for the 2013 Sommerszene Festival. And … [Read more...]

packaging design

Gorgeous Branding and Packaging Design for a Spice Company

Isabela Rodrigues has created this gorgeous packaging design for spice company 'Spicemode' Spicemode is a line of … [Read more...]

label design

Creative Typographic Logo and Label Designs by Ben Didier

These creative logo and label designs are by Ben Didier, a graphic designer living and working from Vancouver, Canada and … [Read more...]


Personal Branding Project by Daniel Lasso Casas

This personal branding project by Daniel Lasso Casas is unique, and not like many others I have seen before. Daniel tells us on his … [Read more...]

Hotel Branding Project

Luxurious and Creative Casino / Hotel Branding Project by Nick Riley

This simple, elegant and luxurious branding project by Nick Riley of Designworks is infact two branding projects created side by side to … [Read more...]


51 Beautiful and Interactive Examples of Digital Magazine Design

Digital publication provides a whole new world for magazine design, from interactive touch and swipe controls to videos and animation, … [Read more...]

google visual identity guidelines 15

Google Visual Assets Guidelines Released – Truly Inspirational

The guidelines for Googles visual assets have been released on Behance by a small group of designers (Roger Oddone, Christopher Bettig, Yan Yan … [Read more...]

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.15.45

Runner’s World Magazine (Art Director Nick Thackray)

These spreads are taken from the recent redesign of Runner's World, and demonstrate a strong mix of illustration, typography and … [Read more...]


30 Simple and Super Effective Print Banner Advertisements

Banner advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising on the planet and unless you live in the stones ages (which I'm sure you … [Read more...]

a new day, a new poster

A New Day, A New Poster by Tabula Rasa

I'm Tabula Rasa, and here is my poster project for 2013. A New Day, A New Poster, and as each day is a different day, each poster has a … [Read more...]


Seamless Patterns by Eric Vadeboncoeur

Here is an inspiring collection of fresh seamless patterns by Montreal based graphic designer Eric Vadeboncoeur. Background Labs, is the website … [Read more...]

Beauty vs Happiness (USA1000)

Beauty Vs. Happiness – Infographic Design

Does beautifying ourselves make us any happier than if we didn't bother at all? Well it seems it can earn you more in the workplace but can it … [Read more...]


Written In The Stars – Astrology Infographic Design

This was a piece designed by myself for The Mirror, using a set of information I had been given about astrology and horoscopes I created this … [Read more...]

hand lettering

Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn – Hand lettering and Illustration

Shauna Lynn is a graphic designer, hand letterer and illustrator located in Orlando, Florida. She graduated from the University of North Florida in … [Read more...]

Batelco Directory_Logo

Creative Ad Campaigns by Award Winning Designer Supparat Thepparat

Here is a collection of creative ad campaigns designed by award winning designer Supparat Thepparat. The works featured below have been completed for … [Read more...]


The work of Dezpixels Studio

Dezpixels is a Barcelona-based design studio founded in 2009 by Alvaro García, working in several medias with a clean & typographical … [Read more...]

boutique bath brand

Vintage Branding: Tivoli Boutique Bath Brand by Yu Ping Chuang

Here is a vintage branding project by Yu Ping Chuang, the 'Tivoli Boutique Bath Brand', "Tivoli is a hand-made boutique … [Read more...]

Photographer Branding

Fantastic Examples of Corporate Identity Inspiration

Designing for a corporate company can prove to be a challenge, especially when you are trying to find the perfect balance between professionalism and … [Read more...]


Creative Vintage Branding Design by Massachusetts Design Studio ‘Oat’

Below we have compiled a collection of vintage branding projects from the portfolio of Oat, a design studio based in Massachusetts. Their style is … [Read more...]


Nathan Gilson – Etching prints

I am Nathan, I am a print artist from Belgium. I find it hard to give a description of my work. Printing, for me, has become a way to express … [Read more...]

Jon Contino Magazine Cover

21 Creative and Inspirational Magazine Covers

Here we have compilled a beautiful collection of professional and inspirational magazine covers to help guide you in designing your own magazine. The … [Read more...]


Graphic Design by Shauna Luedtke

Shauna Luedtke is a Graphic Designer, she has had many many clients a few being; Orchard Park, The Mustard Seed and Chinook Centre. "When … [Read more...]


Watermark by Dave Wharton & Joshua Elliff

I'm Dave, a third year Graphic Design student at the University of Cumbria. I collaborated with student Joshua Elliff to create … [Read more...]


Lauren Griffin – Gen Two Rebrand

I'm a third year Graphic Design student studying at the University of Cumbria. I enjoy completing editorial work, web visuals but mostly I … [Read more...]


Lipton Redesign by Kamil Napora

Here is a Non-commercial, personal, modern vision of Lipton tea logotype and packaging by Kamil Napora. See more HERE. … [Read more...]

3d elements

3D Elements and photographs by Roxana

These 3D Elements and Photographs are by Roxana, she has a career in Graphic Design and also has interests in Photography and Illustration. "My … [Read more...]