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Branding by Christopher Paul and Sarah Mick 2

Branding #6 : Stunning 1950s Styled Identity Solution

The Redline Railway Branding is a collaboration between two design students Sarah Mick and … [Read more...]


Classic Packaging Design by Morro McKenzie

Morro McKenzie Design is a three person design studio. Elizabeth Morro-McKenzie's clients include … [Read more...]

Girt by Wood by Ben Crick 15

Branding #5 : Stunning Girt by Wood Identity

So recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not … [Read more...]

Ajndk Terminal Christmas Identity Project 2

Branding #4 : Beautiful Ajandek Terminal Christmas Identity

So recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not … [Read more...]

Pablo Jeffer (3)

Colourful Vector Art by Pablo Jeffer

Pablo Jeffer is a self taught Graphic Designer and Digital Artist based in Brazil, his style is … [Read more...]

Business Card Inspiration Feature Image

40+ Inspirational Business Card Designs Part 2

After being invited to Dribbble myself, I have been using it as an additional source to find great … [Read more...]

Corporate Identity Fogco Systems by Levi Wintering 4

Corporate Design : Fogco Systems Inc

Corporate Design is often looked at as being boring, and you rarely see projects consisting of this … [Read more...]

Sonho and Sonhos Branding Inspiration 10

Branding #3 : Sonho and Sonho’s Re-branding

Nelson Balaban taken on the challenge of redesigning the brand of Sonho and Sonho, In the last 10 … [Read more...]

Business Card Inspiration 37

40+ Inspirational Business Card Designs

The average design of  Business Cards has come a long way, back when business cards only purpose was … [Read more...]

Wood Type Revival Branding 3

Branding #2 : Gorgeous Design By Bearded

We try to bring you the best inspiration we can find, so hunting down companies like this one proves … [Read more...]

Nicolas Menard Graphic Design 19

Graphic Design and Packaging by Nicolas Ménard

Nicolas Ménard is one of my new +fav's, his clash between print and design is stunning and could not … [Read more...]

Sergey Shapiro10

Calligraphy Typography by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro's attention to detail is spot on, his style is very clean and modern with an … [Read more...]

Marcus Avedis (11)

Stunning Design by Marcus Avedis (User Submission)

 Marcus Avedis strives to create works within the overlap of art and design and has a keen interest … [Read more...]


Eye Catching Digital Art by Billelis

I came across Billelis on Designers Couch, his main interests are  photomanipulation, illustration, … [Read more...]


Playful Design by Karen To (User Submission)

Karen To recently  graduated a graphic design student, Karen To tries to do various aspects of … [Read more...]

George Stoyanov (11)

Graphic Design by George Stoyanov

George Stoyanov is pretty versatile in the Design Industry, he has experience in Graphic Design, … [Read more...]

Ged Palmer Typography Illustration 7

Bristol Based Typography Artist Ged Palmer

Its nice to stumble upon some raw talent from my neck of the woods, Ged Palmer is a typography … [Read more...]

Estefania de_Castro (1)

Graphic Design by Estefania de_Castro

Estefania de_Castro doesn't have a certain style, a variety of different creations have been … [Read more...]

Music Posters by Minga Creative Studio 1

Project Showcase : Music Genre Poster’s by Minga Creative Studio

Minga Creative Studio has come up with these colorful poster printing representing the biggest and … [Read more...]

Genis Carreras - Minilaist Posters  (1)

Project Showcase : Minimalist Philosophy Posters by Genis Carreras

This incredible collection of Minimal Poster Printing designed by Genis Carreras based … [Read more...]


Creative and Colourful Illustrations by Olivier Lutaud

Olivier Lutaud achieves a variety of designs, including vector styles, collage type pieces, digital … [Read more...]

Antikbar - Vintage Poster Inspiration 10

Shop Feature : Classic Vintage Graphics Posters at Antikbar

The "Shop Feature" post series has been started with the success of new online shops in mind, we … [Read more...]

Ayrton Senna - Vector Illustration Inspiration by Cris Vector

Project Showcase : Brazilian Sport Legends by Cris Vector

ilove Cristiano Siqueira's (AKA Cris Vector) work and always have done from a young age, over the … [Read more...]

Stephanie Kubo (3)

Creative Typography by Stephanie Kubo

There are lots of different styles of typography done by Stephanie Kubo. There is much more on her … [Read more...]

Grzegorz Domaradzki

Project Showcase Designers Against Child Slavery

I have full respect for every designer taking part in D.A.C.S, I have also had the pleasure of … [Read more...]


A Variety of Art by Filter 017

"Filter017 combination of products extends from the plane, clothing, accessories to designer toys, … [Read more...]


Flawless Poster Design Processes by DKNG Studios (Time Lapse Videos)

I came across these guys on Vimeo quite a while ago, first I watched their "The Black Keys" process … [Read more...]


Eye Catching Digital Art by Kevin Roodhorst

I found Kevin on Designers Couch and his work instantly caught my attention, he is very good at what … [Read more...]


Awesome Vector Illustrations by Ronlewhorn

"I have a passion for digital portraiture mixed with a love affair with typography and serigraphy. … [Read more...]


Various Design Projects from Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens is a designer with many various abilities which has allowed him to work with a wide … [Read more...]


Flawless Illustrations by Olly Moss

Olly Moss popped up in conversation at uni today, and I had to post up his work to show you exactly … [Read more...]


Paintings by Alice X. Zhang

I randomly came across Alice whilst randomly searching the net for inspiration for the site! I'm … [Read more...]

david smith

Authentic Designs by David Smith

I first came across David's work over at Mintees.com, and a lot of people in the apparel industry … [Read more...]


Bold and Creative Packaging Designs by Illustrator Kendrick Kidd

This selection of creative packaging designs by Jacksonville, Florida based … [Read more...]

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