Giampaolo Miraglia (8)

Unique Artworks by Giampaolo Miraglia

Giampaolo Miragliav is an Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Rome. His works are unique, inspiring and full of different shapes and colours. … [Read more...]


20 Inspirational Fresh Web Design Layouts

Here I have put together a whole range of inspirational and fresh website designs, to hopefully suit any designers taste. From monotone black and … [Read more...]

Wooden Business Card Inspiration by Staci Paul

Fantastic Collection of 26 Business Card Designs, Done Right!

Here I have compiled a gorgeous collection of  business cards, and not only that, but business cards designed the right way. I have collected … [Read more...]

Photograph Magazine Inspiration by Matteo Gualandris

30 More Stunning Magazine and Publication Layout Inspiration

Here I have compiled 30 more magazine and publication layouts that I feel are good enough to inspire even the best of you!  I think that as designers … [Read more...]


Graphic Design by Helen Quint (User Submission)

 Helen Quint is an enthusiastic designer with a love for bold colour and beautiful typography. She is currently in the final weeks of her Graphic … [Read more...]

Nisrine Sarkis (10)

Graphic Design by Nisrine Sarkis

Nisrine Sarkis is a graphic designer,  she does a wide range of design such as; branding, packaging, typography and more. Nisrine is available for … [Read more...]

Tatiana Plakhove (14)

Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova

Tatiana Plakhova is working as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator, she sells some of her artworks on her online shop. Some of her … [Read more...]


Handpicked Postcard Designs for your Inspiration

Postcard Design, when designed well, a Postcard can be a brilliant showcase of what you can do and can aid any marketing campaign that you may be … [Read more...]

10 Cool Business Card Designs

Here we are again with another post on Business Cards, hoping to inspire some of you fellow Inspiration Hutters.  .I have been searching for a range … [Read more...]

Kyle White (6)

Unique Graphic Design by Kyle White

Kyle White has done many designs in various colours and styles, he has had a lot of clients just some of them being; Paramore, Cobra Starship, Rhino … [Read more...]

Sam Kaufman (14)

The Inspirational Sam Kaufman

Sam Kaufman (East Fork Studios) is a designer and runs his own clothing brand called 'Lead and Light' which is definitely worth a look if your in need … [Read more...]

Lauren Hom (3)

Illustrations and Graphic Design by Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a graphic designer, and illustrator living in New York City. She is currently a student at the School of Visual Arts. "Though I enjoy … [Read more...]

Various Graphic Design And Illustration by Richard Arthur Stewart 20

The Creative Portfolio of Richard Arthur Stewart

I have been following Richard's work on Dribbble for some time now, and have only recently decided to check out his portfolio. Richard has a portfolio … [Read more...]

Brochure Design Inspiration by Nestor Urdanpilleta via Behance 2

Gorgeous Collection of Inspiring Brochure Designs

As a designer, when i receive the request to design a brochure or any kind of leaflet/book. I tend to gulp a little, purely because my layout skills … [Read more...]

Sasha Prood (24)

Colorful Typography, Illustrations and Patterns by Sasha Prood

Sasha Prood is an Artist who lives and works in Brooklyn,  she uses pencil, pen and watercolor with a computer, her works are very organic, colorful … [Read more...]

Identity Inspiration and Branding Inspiration 36

Branding #8 : Stunning Identity Projects by Pavel Emelyanov

Paval Emelynov works for Russian design company Eskimo, skimming through their portfolio is a joy. They have created some excellent  identities for a … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Type 53

The Evolution of Type, Project by Andreas Scheiger

The Evolution of Type is an ongoing exhibition by Andreas Scheiger, Here is how he introduces his project "When my eyes crossed this excerpt of famous … [Read more...]

Magazine Book Layout Inspiration 35

36 Stunning Magazine and Publication Layouts for your Inspiration

Here I have compiled a fine collection of magazine and publication layouts to help inspire and motivate you throughout your project/s. When it comes … [Read more...]

46 - Most-Amazing-Print-Advertisements-23

51 Most Popular Print Ads of 2011

Despite popular claims that print is dead, print advertising continues to be a strong market. Not only are companies spending their ad dollars on … [Read more...]

Claire Coullon (8)

Inspiring Typography by Claire Coullon

Claire Coullon is a French Graphic Designer, her designs are modern, clean, minimalist and definitely eye catching. Being able to see the sketches and … [Read more...]

Gaks Designs (12)

Illustrations by Gaks Designs

Gerrel Saunders is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Trinidad and Tobago. If you are interested in buying any of his work check out his online … [Read more...]

Irina Bogos (3)

Graphic Design and Illustrations by Irina Bogos

Irina Bogos is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Denmark, if you want to see more check out her DeviantART or her website. Irina is … [Read more...]

Ruud Van Eijk (18)

Media Design by Ruud Van Eijk (User Submission)

Ruud Van Eijk is a Freelance Media Designer from The Netherlands, it's his job to make stuff look good, such as; logos, shirts, videos, websites and … [Read more...]

Illustrations by Diego L Rodriguez 7

Colorful and Fun Illustrations by Aviv Studio

Aviv studio is the personal and creative identity of Luis Miguel Torres G. Luis is a 25 year old graphic designer / digital artist originally from … [Read more...]

Allt Gott Branding by Kristin Agnarsdottir 16

Branding #7 : Its ‘Allt Gott’ and Stunning

recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not submitting new content up here, I’m going to post the … [Read more...]

Branding by Christopher Paul and Sarah Mick 2

Branding #6 : Stunning 1950s Styled Identity Solution

The Redline Railway Branding is a collaboration between two design students Sarah Mick and Christopher Paul. Its evident what period of design that … [Read more...]


Classic Packaging Design by Morro McKenzie

Morro McKenzie Design is a three person design studio. Elizabeth Morro-McKenzie's clients include Harley Davidson and many other top brands. She has … [Read more...]

Girt by Wood by Ben Crick 15

Branding #5 : Stunning Girt by Wood Identity

So recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not submitting new content up here, I’m going to post the … [Read more...]

Ajndk Terminal Christmas Identity Project 2

Branding #4 : Beautiful Ajandek Terminal Christmas Identity

So recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not submitting new content up here, I’m going to post the … [Read more...]

Pablo Jeffer (3)

Colourful Vector Art by Pablo Jeffer

Pablo Jeffer is a self taught Graphic Designer and Digital Artist based in Brazil, his style is bright, colourful and are usually of attractive woman. … [Read more...]

Business Card Inspiration Feature Image

40+ Inspirational Business Card Designs Part 2

After being invited to Dribbble myself, I have been using it as an additional source to find great artists and designers to feature on the blog. But … [Read more...]

Corporate Identity Fogco Systems by Levi Wintering 4

Corporate Design : Fogco Systems Inc

Corporate Design is often looked at as being boring, and you rarely see projects consisting of this area featured across the blogosphere, but there is … [Read more...]

Sonho and Sonhos Branding Inspiration 10

Branding #3 : Sonho and Sonho’s Re-branding

Nelson Balaban taken on the challenge of redesigning the brand of Sonho and Sonho, In the last 10 years the brand has experienced their worst period … [Read more...]

Business Card Inspiration 37

40+ Inspirational Business Card Designs

The average design of  Business Cards has come a long way, back when business cards only purpose was to exchange quick contact information the design … [Read more...]

Wood Type Revival Branding 3

Branding #2 : Gorgeous Design By Bearded

We try to bring you the best inspiration we can find, so hunting down companies like this one proves to be a difficult task. But I am happy to … [Read more...]

Nicolas Menard Graphic Design 19

Graphic Design and Packaging by Nicolas Ménard

Nicolas Ménard is one of my new +fav's, his clash between print and design is stunning and could not be executed better. His use of packaging concepts … [Read more...]

Sergey Shapiro10

Calligraphy Typography by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro's attention to detail is spot on, his style is very clean and modern with an Americano twist. There is plenty more of Sergey's Designs … [Read more...]

Marcus Avedis (11)

Stunning Design by Marcus Avedis (User Submission)

 Marcus Avedis strives to create works within the overlap of art and design and has a keen interest in the exploration of the collaborative process … [Read more...]