chris buzelli2

Various Oil Paintings by Chris Buzelli

Chris Buzelli is an illustrator currently based in New York City, he specialises in oil paintings and his work has been featured in national … [Read more...]

surreal portrait paintings4

Surreal Portrait Paintings by Carl Beazley

UK based artist Carl Beazley is the artist behind this collection of surreal portrait paintings, the project is called 'Where's Your … [Read more...]


The Inspirational Sketchbook of Pat Perry

This collection of inspirational sketchbook art is by Pat Perry, he is an artist from Michigan and a member of the Beehive Design … [Read more...]

Unique Portrait Paintings4

Unique Portrait Paintings by Kris Lewis

This collection of unique portrait paintings are by Los Angeles based artist Kris Lewis, the pieces below were all created using oil … [Read more...]


A Collection of Christmas Design Projects To Get You in the Spirit

Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, it's all around us and within this article I have compiled a sweet collection of Christmas design … [Read more...]

Zhao Na

Illustration Project: Drunk in Autumn by Zhao Na

Zhao Na is a professional illustrator based in Beijing, China and she has titled this project 'Drunk in Autumn'. The piece was created using … [Read more...]

Oil Paintings2

Unique Oil Paintings by Davide Cambria

Davide Cambria is the artist behind these oil paintings, he creates them using oil paints on canvas, wood or board. He is a self taught painter that … [Read more...]

Maleficent Fan Art8

20 Awesome Pieces of Maleficent Fan Art

I know I am a little late on the Maleficent bandwagon, I only just got around to watching it a month ago and I liked it so much I have … [Read more...]

Glenn Barr3

Post-Apocalyptic Style Illustrations by Glenn Barr

Glenn Barr was raised in the Midwest, USA and is inspired by city streets, counter cultures, old paintings, comics and animation. He explains his work … [Read more...]

James Oconnell

The Power of the G by James Oconnell

James Oconnell is an award winning conceptual creative based in Manchester. This project in particular titled 'The Power of G' focuses on … [Read more...]

typography project19

Incredibly Detailed Illustration and Typography Piece by Xavier and Rémy (+ Process Shots)

Xavier Casalta and Rémy Boiré have collaborated to create this gorgeously detailed illustration and typography piece, the … [Read more...]

human figures

Leah Yerpe Beautifully Illustrates Floating Human Figures with Charcoal and Ink

Brooklyn based artist Leah Yerpe has beautifully illustrated this collection of human figures with charcoal and ink. Leah's work is currently … [Read more...]

intricate graphite drawings8

Intricate Graphite Drawings by Christina Mrozik & Zoe Keller

These intricate graphite drawings are by Christina Mrozik & Zoe Keller, they have collaborated for this project titled … [Read more...]

julian callos

A Collection of Illustrations by Julian Callos

Julian Callos is an illustrator based in Los Angeles, he is inspired by nature, folklore and the 'allure of the unknown'. A few of his clients … [Read more...]

pencil and ink illustrations

Monochrome Pencil and Ink illustrations by Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur created these pencil and ink illustrations for an advertising commission for Japanese magazine 'Common & Sense', it … [Read more...]

Miles Johnston

Revisiting: The Portfolio of Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is a freelance illustrator currently based in London, UK and works with both traditional and digital mediums. In our last post we put … [Read more...]

dreamlike illustrations5

Dreamlike Illustrations by Rovina Cai

Rovina Cai explains her dreamlike illustrations as inspired by the past; from myths and fairy tales to gothic novels, these stories resonate with … [Read more...]

unusual illustrations3

Creative and Unusual Illustrations by Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen is the artist behind these unusual illustrations, she is an award winning gallery artist and freelance illustrator. Tran explains her … [Read more...]

shannon knigh

The Creative Illustration Portfolio of Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight is a freelance illustrator currently based in Boston, her portfolio is full of unique and detailed illustrations. Some of Shannon's … [Read more...]


15 Cute Ink Illustrations by Nina Stajner for Inktober

Nina Stajner participated in this years inktober, she planned on creating 10 ink illustrations and ended up with 20, here are 15 of her finished … [Read more...]

AJ Frena

The Illustration Portfolio of AJ Frena

Illustrator AJ Frena is currently based in Dallas, Texas he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He works both traditionally … [Read more...]