Ling Ly

Portrait Paintings & Drawings by Ling Ly

This collection of well executed portrait paintings and drawings is by Los Angeles based artist, Ling Ly. She mainly focuses on oil paintings and … [Read more...]

noah bradley

Incredible Concept Art by Noah Bradley

Noah Bradley is an awesome concept artist and he has recently quit his freelance career to work on a personal project, called The Sin on Man "I … [Read more...]

adam lupton

Incredible Paintings by Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton's broad and wide-ranging interests provides the root of his visually artistic ideation. Having a keen interest in sociology and … [Read more...]

awesome illustrations

Awesome Illustrations by Rafahu

Rafahu has created these awesome illustrations, he is an animator and designer currently living in Mexico City. If you want to see more of … [Read more...]

The Bearded Mermaid

Your Favorite Disney Princesses With Beards – Its Movember

To celebrate movember (or no shave november), buzz feeds Adam Ellis has re-invented your favorite Disney Princesses with beards. As with all … [Read more...]

super soda pops 2

Your Favorite Super Heroes as Soda Bottles by Chungkong

Super soda pops is one of many creative projects by Chungkong, by day he is your average graphic designer creating adverts and brand identities for … [Read more...]


Awesome Illustrations by Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett currently lives in Brooklyn and has received rewards and recognition from American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators and … [Read more...]

The life of a superhero 14

Funny and Photo Realistic Oil Paintings – The Life of a Superhero

The Life of a Superhero is the name of a project by Swedish artist Andreas Englund, and is one that he is widely recognised for. The project … [Read more...]


Illustrations by Zach Montoya

Zach Montoya originally from the Pacific Northwest and currently living in Baltimore has had clients such as: Zynga East, Mindgrub Games, Valiant … [Read more...]


Clay Illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

The main material I use in my work is modelling clay, though I also use polymer clay if the model requires a hard and durable finish. Since I enjoy … [Read more...]

Bruno the Brave

Animals From History project by Christina Hess

Christina Hess, a freelance illustrator from Philadelphia, US, has recently produced this beautifully awesome project that she has called … [Read more...]

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.23.38

Hondas New ‘Optical Illusion’ Advert – An Impossible made Possible

Often, my mum will point out to me a TV advert that she finds funny or 'cool', and maybe something I could write about. Usually I … [Read more...]


Intimate Observations in the Bedroom by Karen Ann Myers

I am investigating the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in the bedroom. The work is inspired by the cult of beauty in … [Read more...]


Cartoon Characters Destroyed by PEZ

This project filled with imagination by PEZ is called 'Distroy', he has illustrated well known characters a few being; Mickey Mouse, Homer … [Read more...]

graham curran

Incredible Nautical Illustrations by Graham Curran

Graham Curran is the artist behind this collection of incredible paintings, all of which involving, sea creatures and a cartoon type style. Graham … [Read more...]

marta bielsa

Digital Paintings and Portraits by Marta Bielsa

From the whimsical 'Victorianesque' portraits to the realistic landscape digital paintings, Spanish artist, Marta Bielsa keeps a … [Read more...]

Nigel Cooke

Creative Paintings by Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke is an artist from Manchester currently living and working in kent. He has a solo exhibition still up at the Stuart Shave / … [Read more...]

penvil vs camera 6

Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

Pencil Vs Camera mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s a new visual concept invented and initiated by Ben Heine in … [Read more...]

Landon Sheely

Typography Inspiration by Landon Sheely

Landon Sheely is an artist and designer from Wisconsin, he has created these inspirational typography pieces and has quite a few for sale on his shop … [Read more...]


Creative Animal Drawings by Amy Dover

Amy Dover is a UK based artist and works predominantly in pencil, her influences come from growing up in a small village in the North of England. Amy … [Read more...]

Hannah Yata

Surreal Paintings of the Female Form combined with Sea Creatures by Hannah Yata

Hannah Yata is the artist behind these surreal and inspirational paintings, combining sea creatures with the female form creating this collection of … [Read more...]


Portraits Illustrated on Various Maps by Ed Fairbanks

Ed Fairbanks is a freelance artist who has exhibited internationally and holds a collection of original works and prints available to purchase … [Read more...]

animals on the underground - elephant

25 Animals Made from the Map of the London Underground

Who knew that the map of the London Underground was hiding a whole collection of animals, 35 of them to be exact (25 in this article). From … [Read more...]


6 Creative and Luxurious Decks of Playing Cards

Playing cards have without a doubt been a part of your life at some point, and although the events in which they were will vary between each … [Read more...]


Abstract Paintings by Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe has created these abstract paintings, his most recent works look like ribbon and wool creating colorful human forms. Brendan … [Read more...]

Terrence Payne

Awesome Illustrations by Terrence Payne

Terrence Payne’s archetypal oil pastel portraits combine narrative elements, refined organic forms, along with delicate and bold lines to … [Read more...]

valentin fischer

Surreal Illustrations by Valentin Fischer

Valentin Fischer recently left his interface design job in Munich to move to Stuttgart, Germany to focus on what he loves to do...draw and paint! … [Read more...]

Marie Bergeron

Movie Based Digital Illustrations by Marie Bergeron

Marie Bergeron is a Montreal based illustrator and graphic designer, her illustrations are inspired by movies, particular scenes and actors … [Read more...]

grumpy disney

Grumpy Cat Disney Mash Up by Eric Proctor

I think everyone has heard of this grumpy feline that Eric has used in his 'Grumpy Cat Disney Mash Up' project. He has used the internets … [Read more...]

architectural paintings

Architectural Paintings by Maja Wrońska

This collection of fantastic architectural paintings are by Maja Wrońska, currently living in Poland. Maja has a youtube account, where you can … [Read more...]


Various Illustrations by Brianne Yep

Illustration is a hobby of Brianne Yep, she currently studies graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. If you are interested in keeping up … [Read more...]

jake wood-evans

The Portfolio of Jake Wood-Evans

Mixing the two worlds of classical and contemporary art, Jake’s oil paintings range from small, sensitive studies to large scale, epic … [Read more...]

freelance illustrator

Freelance Illustrator Hugraphic

We came across Hugraphic's work when he had submitted it to our user generated Tumblr page. If you are interested in submitting your work to us, … [Read more...]


Creative Portrait Illustrations by Paul X. Johnson

London based freelance illustrator Paul X. Johnson has created these creative portrait illustrations, he has had quite a few clients just a few being; … [Read more...]

andy denzler

Incredible Paintings by Andy Denzler

Zurich based artist Andy Denzler has created this collection of incredible paintings, all of which are oil on canvas. He has been included in many … [Read more...]

Kuala Lumpur

Infographic Design: Kuala Lumpur City Guide by Jung Zhang

Jing is an illustrator/typographer/designer based in East London, she has been working in the creative field for over 5 years, from automotive to … [Read more...]

Nicolas Delort

Intricate Monochrome Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

Freelance illustrator Nicolas Delort has created these amazingly detailed and intricate monochrome illustrations, his website is currently … [Read more...]

architecture drawings

Architecture Drawings by Artur Stepniak

Artur Stepniak is an architecture student, his architecture drawings display great talent and shows that he has a great eye for perspective and … [Read more...]