Benoit Paillé landscape 3

‘Alternatives Landscapes’ Photography Project by Benoit Paillé

The latest venture from the portfolio of French-Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé is entitled 'Alternatives Landscapes', the … [Read more...]


100 Abandoned Houses by Kevin Bauman

Kevin Bauman's 100 Abandoned Houses project began roughly 10 years ago. In some abandoned neighborhoods he encountered concerned … [Read more...]

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.18.24

‘Happy at Hundred’ – Beautiful Portraits of People Who are 100 Years Old

Life is a gift to all of us and the majority can only hope to live till the ripe ol'age of 100. Its an achievement in anyones books, … [Read more...]

Caulton Morris

Photography Project: Upside by Caulton Morris

Caulton Morris' project titled 'Upside' has been created without any photo-manipulation, in these self portraits Caulton uses a 10 second … [Read more...]

lifestyle photography

Summery Lifestyle photography by Wiissa

This collection of lifestyle photography are by the duo Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe aka Wiissa, they are based in New York … [Read more...]


Portrait Photography by Karolina Smołka

Karolina Smołka is a freelance photographer from Poland, currently based in Cardiff, UK. The majority of her portfolio is taken up … [Read more...]


Mind Blowing Macro Bee Portraits From The USGS Native Bee Inventory

To help the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in their job of bee protection, various identification tools and keys have been … [Read more...]

macro snow flake011

Macro Photography – An Amazing Collection of Magnified Snowflakes

Alexey Kljatov, a Moscow based photographer with a passion for taking beautiful macro shots of snowflakes. The intricate details, shapes and … [Read more...]

Samuel Pettersson

Self Portrait Project: The Animal by Samuel Pettersson

Samuel Pettersson is a portrait photographer from Umeå, Sweden, in this particular bizarre self portrait project he refers to himself as … [Read more...]

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 17.58.26

Incredible Snowboarding Action Shots by Lorenz Holder (plus backstage videos)

Lorenz Holder is a professional 'all rounder' photographer from Munich, and the holder of the Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner title. … [Read more...]

Adrian Samson

Portrait Photography by Adrian Samson

London, UK based photographer Adrian Samson has an impressive client list; Microsoft, Herbal Essences and Ford to name a … [Read more...]

JeeYoung Lee

JeeYoung Lee Re-Creates her Dreams in One Room

JeeYoung Lee uses her 3x6m studio to create excerpts from her heart, memory and dreams taking weeks and sometimes even months at a time to complete … [Read more...]


People Reenact Photos From Their Younger Days – Project by Irina Werning

This fantastic project by Irina Werning gives people the opportunity to reenact photos from when they were younger. The idea is quite a popular … [Read more...]

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 15.35.35

Photographer Stefano Unterthiner Gets Up Close and Personal With His Animal Subjects

Nature and Animal photographers all over the world capture incredible shots of wildlife everyday. Although, that being said, it is not very often … [Read more...]


Photography Project: Into Nothingness by Paul Bauer

This photography project called 'Into Nothingness' is by Paul Bauer, he is a graphic designer and self taught photographer based in Vienna, … [Read more...]


Photographer Takes “You Look Just Like Your (Family Member)” To the Next Level

Its a common phrase that we have all said and heard, "You're a spitting image of your Father" or "You look just like your … [Read more...]

portrait photography

Fashion and Portrait Photography by Laura Marii

Laura Marii is a full time photographer based in Sydney, Australia and she specialises in fashion and portrait photography. She has had an editorial … [Read more...]

Conceptual Photography

Stunning Concept Photography by Megan Christine

Megan Christine is a conceptual photographer from Seattle, Washington, with a style range as long as a piece of string. Looking through Megans … [Read more...]

Travel Photography by Hansol

This collection of travel photography is by South Korea based photographer Hansol, photographed are locations such as Norway, Korea and Taipai. … [Read more...]


Double Exposure Photography Project – We Are Nature

We Are Nature is a beautiful photography project from the portfolio of Christoffer Relander, within which Christoffer has used a … [Read more...]

misty forest photography 1

Beautiful Ethereal Photography of the Bohemian Forest in the Mist and Snow

Kilian Schönberger's latest project 'Cloud Forest' features a collection of beautiful ethereal photography of the Bohemian Forest. … [Read more...]

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An Adorable Photography Project Directed By a Two Year Old

...That two year old is Henry, Toronto based Photographer Alex is a nanny to Henry and the relationship the two of them have is brilliant. One … [Read more...]


Inspiring Landscape Photography by Loic Le Quere

Loic Le Quere has been a freelance photo retoucher for 15 years, and photographing beautiful landscapes like the ones I have featured here is his … [Read more...]


Dark Photography by Elena Helfrecht

This collection of dark photography is by self taught photographer Elena Helfrecht from Germany. She has an upcoming solo exhibition coming up on … [Read more...]

leo caillard

Beautiful Panoramic Landscape Photography by Leo Caillard

Leo Caillard has created this collection of beautiful panoramic photography, all of which are shot in high definition and are perfectly executed. Just … [Read more...]


Cute Photography of a Toddler Sleeping with his 2 Month Old Puppy

This cute photography is by blogger Jessica Shyba, she adopted Theo the part Boxer, part shepherd, and part labrador retriever from Santa … [Read more...]

241_365 - UP (2012)

Incredible Surreal Photography by Marcus Møller Bitsch

Self taught photographer Marcus Møller Bitsch has created this collection of incredible surreal photography, he began photographing 3 … [Read more...]


Mouth Watering Food Photography by Rosa Cardoso

Alongside all of Rosa Cardoso's beautiful food photography she writes the various recipes and instructions on how to make the food in her … [Read more...]

digital publication022

Beautiful Zero Gravity Photography Project by Nikolay Tikhomirov

Nikolay Tikhomirov, a Moscow based photographer, humbly describes his photography as "Art inside me". Although the term Art is often … [Read more...]


Renaud Marion Floats Classic Cars In a Surreal Photo-Shoot

French Photographer Renaud Marion has captured this superb collection of iconic classic cars hovering just above the ground in his latest … [Read more...]

Kyle Thompson

Amazing Self Portrait Photography by Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson, Chicago born photographer has created these amazing and surreal self portraits. He often photographs in empty forests and abandoned … [Read more...]


The ‘Comfort Zone’ Project by Tadao Cern

We have featured Tadao Cern here at Inspiration Hut before, to check out his other feature called the 'Hilarious Blowjob' project click … [Read more...]

jasmine deporta

Negative Film Photography by Jasmine Deporta

Jasmine Deporta is a Photographer based in Bolzano, Italy. She works in Bolzano-Bozen, Munich & Berlin, if you are interested in working with … [Read more...]

creative photography

Creative Photography Project: The Runaways

This creative photography project entitiled 'The Runaways' by Lorent K & Oanell was created for Bambi Magazine. Lorent comes from the … [Read more...]

marina cano

Amazing Wildlife Photography by Marina Cano

Marina Cano is a landscape and wildlife photographer based in Cantabria in the North of Spain. Her work has been published worldwide and she has won … [Read more...]

phyllis galembo

West African Masquerade by Phyllis Galembo

The West African Masquerade project by Phyllis Galembo reflects the ritual adornment and spirituality of masquerade in Nigeria, Benin and Burkina … [Read more...]


Photography Project – Pins and Nails do have feelings

Have you ever felt emotionally attached to everyday inanimate objects? Well brace yourself, as here we have some very emotional pins and … [Read more...]

penvil vs camera 6

Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

Pencil Vs Camera mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s a new visual concept invented and initiated by Ben Heine in … [Read more...]