Design Freebies – 20 Creative and Elegant Seamless Floral Patterns

Seamless floral patterns can be used throughout a wide range of projects, the most popular being wallpaper design (desktop and actual), website backgrounds, and stationary design. ​The general idea of seamless patterns and textures is that they are orginally a smaller image which can then be duplicated and re-aligned next to itself to create a larger image seamlessly, thus being able to cover a unilimited amount of space perfectly. To download your desired patterns, simply click on the image.

floral pattern

Within Photoshop there is a tool/option that allows you to fill any space with a pattern, such as the ones below, saving you from having to manually duplicate and re-align each copy. To do this simply open your chosen pattern in a new document, click Edit from Photoshops top tool bar, then click Define Pattern, name it appropriately and close this document. Now, you will be able to use the Paint Bucket tool, set it to fill with Pattern from the top toolbar, making sure your previously Defined Pattern is selected and fill your desired space. 

floral pattern

seamless floral pattern

seamless floral pattern







The 6 below are all from the same pack.