Photoshop Brush Pack

50 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Free & Exclusive Download

Alas, we have created  fantastic Photoshop brush pack stuffed with Watercolor Brushes, 50 of them to be exact! This is the first in a series of what we expect to be 8.  The second of which has already been launched on our marketplace, so if you are interested in downloading the second click here.

Watercolor brushes come in handy for all different kinds of projects and scenarios as they provide a great textured base and that element of realism. Also, they are especially good when constructing backgrounds in combination with clean paper textures. This download cannot be redistributed on your own wesbite, If you want to link to the brush pack, thats great! but please link to this pages address and not the direct download link. Please read the "Readme" file within the download for more information regarding the use of this set. 

Photoshop Brush Pack

Watercolor Brush Pack


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