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Gorgeous Hand-Drawn UI Kit – Basiliq by Cloud Castle

Meet Basiliq by Cloud Castle. I'll let them introduce what it is all about, they've done a much better job than my attempts. 

Everyone loves high quality icons. Even user interface designers, who work with sketches and wireframes. The problem is that popular prototyping tools produce mockups that don't look so great. That's why we've created over three hundred design elements specifically for prototyping. A hand-crafted set of icons for mockups. 300 (maybe even more) little bits and pieces and bells and whistles. You can assemble anything from them. From the mobile YouTube UI to a model WWII tank. We've double checked to make sure you're covered. Current version is incompatible with assembling several abyssal fish spieces and Higgs boson. We're working hard to fix it in next release, thank you for your patience.



Download Here