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12 Free Paper Textures by Arno Kathollnig

Arno Kathollnig has created these 12 free paper textures for you to download, simply click on … [Read more...]


17 Free Vintage Book Textures

Just the other day I strolled into my favorite old book store and bought about a dozen … [Read more...]

design background 10

10 More Color Filled Abstract Backgrounds for Your Designs and Desktop

Abstract backgrounds like these are as useful as they are beautiful, they provide an … [Read more...]


Five Free Colored Grunge Textures

These five colored grunge textures are perfect for adding just a hint of grunge and texture goodness … [Read more...]

grunge textures

Five Free Grey Grunge Textures

Today I've got a set of very useful grey grunge textures for you guys. Use them as image … [Read more...]

soft clouds

6 Free Soft Cloud Textures

Artori-stock has created this collection of soft cloud textures, each image is 3000x2250 and … [Read more...]

microscopic textures

Seven Abstract Microscopic Textures

These microscopic textures were created by shooting photographs through the lens of a microscope. … [Read more...]


Our Collection of Printable Papers – Dotgrid, iPhone Wireframes and More

Have you ever needed graph, lined, isometric or any kind of printable paper for that matter to act … [Read more...]


15+ Free Colorful Grunge Textures

This versatile and colorful pack is free and full of grunge textures, it was created … [Read more...]


5 Free Fabric Textures

Textures are awesome for skinning design elements, for using as desktop and phone backgrounds and … [Read more...]


5 High Resolution Gritty and Vintage Wood Texture Backgrounds

The demand for vintage wood textures are on the up as both small and major brands from all over the … [Read more...]


9 Free Metal Surface Textures

Orman Clark has created this collection of free metal surface textures, he is a UK based Web … [Read more...]


6 Free Grunge Textures

Here is a collection of 6 free grunge textures for you guys, they all come in one pack and were made … [Read more...]


7 High Quality Abstract Backgrounds for your Designs and Desktop

Here we have several exclusive abstract backgrounds for you guys to pick and choose from, you can … [Read more...]


10 Microscopic Grit Textures

The website Lost and Taken have this great set of free microscopic grit textures, simply click one … [Read more...]

free textures

Free Textures: Colored Haze Textures

Who says blurry can't be beautiful? Use these colored haze textures in various blending layers … [Read more...]

vintage wallpaper

5 Free Vintage Wallpapers

The website Lost and Taken have this great set of free vintage textures, simply click one of the … [Read more...]


10+ Psychadelic Stained Paper Textures

This collection of awesome psychadelic stained paper textures are from the Lost and Taken site, a … [Read more...]


Design Freebies – 20 Creative and Elegant Seamless Floral Patterns

Seamless floral patterns can be used throughout a wide range of projects, the most popular being … [Read more...]


20+ Free High Resolution Wood Textures

Wood textures can add great depth and character to your pieces, and finding good textures that are … [Read more...]

High Resolution Leather Texture

Design Freebies – 10 Free High Res Background Leather Textures

Textures, Textures, Textures they are everywhere, and we are progressively seeing more and more … [Read more...]

crumpled paper texture

Design Freebies – 37 Free Paper Textures to Download

Here is our third collection of high quality and most importantly free paper … [Read more...]


30 Detailed and Free Sand Textures

Here in the UK the sun has finally made an appearance, but for how long we don't know. Like … [Read more...]


18 Free Ice and Water Textures / Stock Photography

Here is a collection of free ice and water textures and stock photography, ranging from pretty water … [Read more...]


Seamless Patterns by Eric Vadeboncoeur

Here is an inspiring collection of fresh seamless patterns by Montreal based graphic … [Read more...]

Cracked grunge cement wall

6 Freemium High Quality Wall Textures – Brick, Concrete & Cracked Paint

Most digital artists including photographers have dabbled and experimented with the use of … [Read more...]

website background

20 Beautiful Seamless Patterns for your Website Background

I have compiled together this great collection of seamless patterns you could use for your website … [Read more...]

Premium Textures

18 High Resolution Screen-Printed Textures by David Smith

Here we have 18 screen-printed textures created by designer and illustrator, David … [Read more...]


20+ Effective FREE Bokeh Textures for Download

Here are some awesome FREE bokeh textures for you to download, both designers and photographers love … [Read more...]

Old Paper Texture Pack

38 Fantastic Vintage, Old, Clean and Free Paper Textures

Free Paper Textures and textures in general are a great resource for any designer, and luckily for … [Read more...]


Designer Must Haves – Free High Resolution Paper Textures

Every designer will come to use high resolution paper textures at some point in there career, so … [Read more...]


Exclusive – High Resolution FREE Fabric Texture Downloads

Myself and Abbie decided to dust off the scanner and scan is some of the most useful textures that … [Read more...]


20 FREE Useful Fabric Textures: Designer Must Haves

Here are 20 FREE Fabric Textures for you, I have searched through many sites to find these useful … [Read more...]


14 Free Vintage Film Textures

I hope you like film textures as much as I do, the site Lost and Taken have 14 for you to download … [Read more...]



I'm randomly searching through and come across this FREE DOWNLOAD of grunge frames, … [Read more...]


FREE Wood Backgrounds: FreePSDFiles is FULL of freebies! I could definitely spend a good few hours looking through, … [Read more...]


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