A Collection of Some of the Most Iconic 20th Century Photography

20th Century Photography, arguably the most iconic of all eras and below I have collected a few of my favorites (19 to be precise). All photographers have been noted below, and various ones have links to further articles sharing more of their work. Most of the work below has been depicted from a book called Icons of Photography, a book that for a few years has helped me a lot when I have been studying photography. The book contains some of the best photography you will ever come across, many of which will be studied for centuries to come. 

This article should really help with your studies or purely for inspiration, if you have any other photographers or individual images in mind that you feel should appear in this collection, let us know in the comment section and we will be sure to add them in!

20th Century Photography

Dorothea Lange

Iconic Photography

Willy Ronis

20th Century Photography

Sally Mann

20th Century Photography

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Doisneau

Richard Avedon

Martin Parr

Margaret Bourke-White

Lee Freidlander

Karl Blossfeldt

Irving Penn

Horst P. Horst

Henri Cartier Bresson

Helmut Newton

Edward Weston

Cindy Sherman

Ansel Adams

Alberto Korda

Albert Renger – Patzch

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  1. There will be plenty more photographers I will be featuring on the site! So keep updated!

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