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28 Fascinating and Creative Advertisements by Science World

Science world, since 2005, has been creating some fairly basic but fascinating creative advertisements to help promote their cause and to spread knowledge. Highly detailed and artistic adverts are not always the way forward, and do not always make the impact your always after. So let these basic, powerful adverts inspire the simplistic side of you to surface.

Creative Advertisements


Creative Advertisements


Creative Advertisements





























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      • I have a Ph.D. in molecular biology with an emphasis in cellular biology. These are all either exaggerations of the truth or a flat out fallacy. For instance, the last one states that you can walk on water. However, they are walking on a non-newtonian fluid in the picture, not water. Another example is the posting about the shark, as most sharks live 20-30 years. They are taking the exceptional as the rule and sensationalizing it.

        • Interesting, I guess they are exaggerating the truth for advertising purposes, either way, we like the designs and imagery.

        • Clearly getting a PhD didn’t teach you how to read. The sign says sharks CAN live to 100. They made no claim about the life expectancy of all sharks.

          • No, as with most jerkoffs that lead statements of opinion with a degree check, they’re joyless, angry, minutiae-obsessed drama queens who’d rather invalidate this thing because it doesn’t conform to their narrow-minded view of the world than understand the purpose of Science World… which is to get people interested in studying and supporting your freaking occupation, you giant bag of moron.

  • I can see nobody works in advertising here ;) my god, these are just hilarious ads and not scientific papers. I think it’s a good approach to raise interest in science among people – especially children will love that.