“Areniscos” – Beautiful Tableware Made From Sand by Victor Castanera

Lets take a step back, and look around ourselves. We are surrounded by stuff. Stuff that has been mass produced by machines. Machines that contribute to the depreciation of the atmosphere within we exist. Yet surprisingly, I'm all for it. Without it the world wouldn't be the same, we wouldn't have technology, and consequently we would cease to interrupt your daily events with our snappy articles. 

But when projects like 'Areniscos' pop up its refreshing and inspiring. Artist Victor Castanera has started to explore different ways of utilizing the infinite elements around us to create products, and in the process, use very little resources. In this particular experiment he begins to pour water on top of sand, creating a cavity that he then pours eco-friendly acrylic resin into that then hardens, constructing a beautifully delicate bowl shaped product. The video below illustrates his process.

It's an experience between man and the environment.












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