The Black Keys Poster

Awesome 70′s Styled Silkscreen Posters by Adam Pobiak

Here we have a few of Adam Pobiak‘s awesome silkscreen posters that he has created for various bands and gigs, most of which are pumped with neon/bright color’s and crazy mashed together imagery reminiscent of the style of art that existed throughout the 70′s. “I try to make everything i do look like it was (or atleast could be) screen printed. I have a couple of most of my poster prints kicking around somewhere so let me know if you want to get your hands on one”

sm_sttb_ph sm_ssun_m sm_sprout_m sm_robyn_f sm_repoman_f sm_pigeon_ph sm_mud_m Screen Printed Posters sm_lion_ph Screen Printed Posters sm_justice Screen Printed Posters Silkscreen Posters Silkscreen Posters sm_decemberists2_ph sm_decemberists The Black Keys Poster sm_bh_all Screen Printed Posters sm_angrybirds_d The Black Keys Poster