Awesome IDN Magazine Motion Graphics By Pablo Gostanian

Today we feature the The prestigious Hong kong based magazine IdN. called us to make the 19v6 DVD opening. They told us, “you can do whatever you want”… So, we did.

This rampage of faces quickly transforming, trying to survive from each other is the essence of this piece.
We designed each faces from paper to computer; used 3D, 2D animation and also some details in traditional animation.
Hope you enjoy watching as we did doing it.

Editor’s Note: This article was brought to us by Evan Varsamis, founder and CEO of a design blog


Credits: 2veinte
Direction, Concept & Idea: Pablo Gostanian
Design & 3D Compositions: Pablo Gostanian, Xeppepo, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
3D Animation: Xeppepo, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian.
2D Animation: Pablo Gostanian, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
3D Render & Lighting: Martín Faragasso.
Composition: Pablo Gostanian, Martín Faragasso.
Edition, & Postproduction: Pablo Gostanian.
Music & SFX: Lucas Totino Tedesco

The Visuals











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