Captain Feline: Go For Launch (User Submission)

Captain Feline is a fun range of t-shirt illustrations from yours truly, and my arty partners Amanda and Kelly. We blended our love of cats with our love of movies, placed both of these ingredients into the ‘Anthropomorphizer’ (a crazy gadget invented in 1867…okay, no – not really) and whammo! – Captain Feline was born.

If you love movies and you love cats, or you love movies with cats in them…or love cats that watch movies…then you might love Captain Feline. Help us launch our t-shirt brand by pledging towards our project on Kickstarter.

Pledge a dollar and receive our gratitude. Pledge over ten dollars and receive some mega-gratitude, as well as some great perks and t-shirts (check the project listing for details).

You can make it happen, and we’ll love you for it. So help launch Captain Feline today!





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