Beautiful Chalk Lettering by the Renowned Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is our all time favorite custom lettering artist and could quite easily be yours. What makes her creations even more beautiful is the fact that they are created with chalk and whilst this is quite an unusual choice of medium to work with, it has provided her with an edge over the competition and her work with a gorgeous authentic touch. Within this article I have compiled a few of her, in my opinion, best pieces along with some insightful time-lapse videos at the end.

dana tanamachi 

Dana Tanamachi-Williams is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. After designing Broadway show posters at SpotCo and working under Louise Fili, Dana opened her own design & lettering boutique, Tanamachi Studio. She has been commissioned by clients such as Google, Yahoo!, Rugby Ralph Lauren, The Ace Hotel, Tommy Hilfiger, West Elm, and Bloomingdale’s.

chalk lettering

custom typography by dana tanamachi

hand drawn custom lettering











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  1. I love it! It’s amazing how you do the different designs and fonts in chalk, it must take a lot of work and patience. I would be awesome to have an apartment or room with all the artwork to be in chalk.

  2. Beautiful soundtrack to go with the creation of beautiful work! Who is it, pleeease?

  3. Wow, impressive.

  4. Awesome art work. I love the one with Lucille and William

  5. Dana Butler says:

    These are spectacular.

  6. woow, i really liked it, its amazing! I was wondering, can you give me the names of the songs from the video, i really liked them, and try to google them but coudn’t find the names…

  7. It’s a shame that you built such amazing feats of typography in a medium that won’t last long. It reminds me of sand castles or sculptures.

  8. Armando Cabba says:

    I can’t even draw a straight line

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