Funny Portrait Manipulations – ‘The Outer Child’ Project by Christian Girotto

These hilarious portrait manipulations by Christian Girotto and Curtat Quentin is unlike any other project that I have come across, and the manipulations have been done incredibly well and finding a fault with any of them is proving quite difficult. If you have come across any other projects that are similar to the ones below (apart from the hilarious underdogs project) let us know in the comment area.

Portrait Manipulations 7e2d260461251a129bd2b65c8c5ea54d Portrait Manipulations 30fe7ca0de3c6f3a8d7a1e3335f673e6 Portrait Manipulations 950b012cc44bded2935a74caef8afa4f a7070605bda0ea1c618af0c6235c183d af68b532cd8d22ae494261ff8094b102 ed6ad5c099456221978c9fe0a07724c8 f50ef127dca6072f011cf8ffaa2145c7

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