If Tim Burton Created Pokemon…

…My childhood would have been a lot scarier. This project by aspiring illustrator Vaughn Pinpin aka ‘Hatboy‘ from Tumblr involves Vaughn systematically re-drawing the entire collection of Pokemon (or at least what seems to be, currently at #49 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down) and transforming them into what can only be described as Tim Burtonised. A fascinating project from a fascinating artist, be sure to keep up to date with him.

Bulbasaur - Pokemon

Arbok - Pokemon

Beedrill - Pokemon

Blastoise - Pokemon

Butterfree - Pokemon

Caterpie - Pokemon

Charizard - Pokemon Fan Art

Charmander - Pokemon Fan Art

Charmeleon - Pokemon Fan Art

Ekans - Pokemon Fan Art

Ivysaur - Pokemon Fan Art

Kakuna - Pokemon Fan Art

Metapod - Pokemon Fan Art

Pidgeot - Pokemon Fan Art

Pidgey - Pokemon Fan Art

Pidgeotto - Pokemon Fan Art

Pikachu - Pokemon Fan Art

Raichu - Pokemon Fan Art

Squirtle - Pokemon Fan Art

Venusaur - Pokemon Fan Art

Wartortle - Pokemon Fan Art

Weedle - Pokemon Fan Art

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