Adonna Khare

Incredible Murals Drawn With Pencil’s by Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare has created these jaw dropping murals using just her trusty pencils, without much pre-planning Adonna trusts her instincts as she creates these funny, creative and animal infested large scaled artworks. Probably the most talented pencil artist I have come across.

Mural Artwork


A Permanent collection of her work is at the Long Beach Museum of Art as well as numerous private collections throughout the world.  She is also a member of The Drawing Center New York.


Animal Mural Pencil Sketch Adonna Khare Adonna Khare

Sketch with Pencil Pencil Shading Monkey Drawing Ape Drawing Drawing of Animals Adonna-Khare_web9 Adonna-Khare_web10 Adonna-Khare_web11 Mural Adonna-Khare_web13 Adonna-Khare_web14