Beautiful Landscape Infrared Photography by Tomasz Kaluzny

Infrared photography has always been a favorite of mine, the colors and the lighting that it can create often transforms your average photo into a surreal and delicate alternative. The most popular and most effective offspring from infrared has always been infrared landscape photography. The sky provides a beautiful soft effect from where the shutter has been left open (10-30 seconds on average) and the foliage transforms into what appears to be covered in snow.

Photography is the art of capturing light, IR photography on the other hand is the art of capturing invisible light — but the challenge comes with its benefits, IR photographs can be really attention grabbing and otherworldly. (Fredrik Silverglimth)

Infrared Photography

Here is a collection of infrared landscape photography from the portfolio of polish photographer Tomasz Kaluzny. The photos were taken with an infrared filter not infrared film and all were taken around summertime. Exposure time was between 30 seconds and 4 minutes.

Infrared Photography

Infrared Landscape Photography



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  1. Clipping Path says:

    Tomasz Kaluzny, you are outstanding. I love your work. All the images is containing some kind of motion & that's make the whole work truly beautiful & outstanding.

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