Inspiring Wine Bottle Designs and Concepts for Wine Collection : Cautro Almas

Concept: The Project consisted in creating a series of prints that, breaking with the common way of doing it, could last on time and focus on the innovation of the materials. We wanted to turn a traditional quality product, like the wine from Señorío de Somalo, into something modern and exclusive. And as for this, we created a wine bottle collection – limited edition – full of information.

How it works: Using QR codes, we created minimalist looking labels, that could turn wider with only one small move. This way, when you scan the code with your phone we enter, literally, in the winery’s world. The collection’s name is Cuatro Almas (Four Souls). The “souls” represents the different varieties that the winery hosts. The whole collection is about this number: four collections with four bottles each:

1. Poker / Packaging of cork: Hearts (Young Wine), Clubs (Nurture), Diamonds (Reserve) and Picas (Grand Reserve). The cork becomes a canvas of memories, where you can pin photos, etc.


2. Chess / Steel: Pawn, Horse, Queen and King. Allows us to maintain the wine with an optimum temperature in the bureau.


3. Hand, Stone, Paper, Scissors / Sandpaper.

4. Spanish Deck / Wood: Bastos, Swords, Coins, Cups.

Creative Director: Sergio Daniel García.