Inspirational Modern Magazine Re-Design – Transworld Surf

Transworld Surf magazine, looking at the before and after shot was never a looker. Its design was cliche and was one that would blend with the various other magazines that would surround it in a shop. In a fight to stand out amongst the shelf noise, Transworld Surf commissioned San Diego based design studio Wedge & Lever for a complete magazine re-design. With a portfolio already full of fantastic publication designs, its a no brainer that the project would be a success. 

An immediate increase in market-share proved the re-design was successful and it continued gaining until May of 2013 when the publication was purchased by its main competitor and subsequently shut down.

Towards the bottom of the article you see the wireframes of the magazine design in conjunction with the actual magazine in action. This project provides a fantastic insight into the production of an industry standard publication.

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  1. At first glance I preferred the old cover layout but the new cover is actually cool in a retro way. Love the flexibility of the inside layouts.

  2. Agree with Francis…love the modern yet retro look of these designs. Great work.

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