“Motherboard Earth” – Illustration Project by Alain Bousquet

Belgium Artist Alain Bousquet has created this series of artworks for his illustration project that has been entitled Motherboard Earth. Alain has said that he had restricted himself to using just 45 and 90 degree angled lines and circles which has forced multiple styles and backgrounds to the surface, thus resulting in this new style that he has tripped upon.

_BOOK-A-Bousquet _BOOK-A-Bousquet3_web _BOOK-A-Bousquet13 _BOOK-A-Bousquet14 _BOOK-A-Bousquet15_web Illustration Project _BOOK-A-Bousquet17 _BOOK-A-Bousquet20 69eb701653f38a 1681cb1ad04f36 BOOK-A-Bousquet2_web Illustration Project BOOK-A-Bousquet5_web BOOK-A-Bousquet10 BOOK-A-Bousquet11_web BOOK-A-Bousquet21_web

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