Portraits and Fashion photography by Nikolay Mikheev (User submission)

Nikolay Mikheev is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer from Moscow, Russia, currently based in Los Angeles, USA

Nikolay Mikheev: it is very important for me to see a man in a frame, his emotions or their absence, when the model’s eyes attract the sight, when these eyes become the center of a photo, the center of the whole Universe. I love to create the image by myself with the help of a stylist, a makeup artist, projecting the pictures from my head to the reality, which later may be found in my photographs. Vogue, the works of such masters as Horst P. Horst, Peter Lindberg, Paolo Roversi, Greg Lotus, collections of John Galliano, Gareth Pugh – all this is some kind of a muse for me. I’m always looking through the works of different photographers, designers, marking out something for myself.













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