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Incredible and World Famous Street Art by Banksy

Banksy is an infamous yet unidentified graffiti artist with a portfolio of widely known pieces, many of which I am sure you will recognise. His work, to say the least, has caused great controversy in the world of art and politics, but on the flip side it is respected and highly admired. The fact is, he dares to take what are usually touchy subjects, and either injects humour, or simply highlights them, and for this, I will always be a fan. 

His creations usually consist of some very clever and detailed custom stencils, which are preparred in his studio and usually finished with a black and white outcome in combination with pops of bright colors. He also creates work on canvas, and usually they are more detailed than his street art, but for obvious reasons the later mentioned receives much more attention, and the canvas's usually remain in private collections. If you have been inspired by this post, but would rather crawl before you sprint, then we recommend taking a look at a company called Stencil Warehouse, they sell lots of different stencils that can help you get the ball rolling, and also the chance to create your own custom stencils.

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