Stunning Water and Ink Photography and Design by Alberto Seveso

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Alberto Seveso, a talented designer and illustrator from Italy, has been experimenting with a technique that includes documenting the mixture between water and ink (occasionally varnish) and incorporating them into his design work. The results are outstanding and entirely unique, to create the same two shapes would be impossible which quite rightly adds to the elegancy and beauty of each piece. Alberto is known for his more elaborate photo-manipulations and imagery, but this collection is what caught my eye.

Ink and Water

Ink and Water 1

Ink and Water 2

Ink and Water 3

Ink and Water 4

Ink and Water 5

Ink and Water 6

Ink and Water 7

Ink and Water 8


Ink and water Photography

Ink and Water 10

Ink and Water 11

Ink and Water 13

Ink and Water Design 1

Ink and Water Design 2

Ink and Water Design 3

Ink and Water Design 4

Ink and Water Design 5

Ink and Water Design 6

Ink and Water Design 7

Ink and Water Design 8

Ink and Water Design 9

Ink and Water Design 10

Ink and Water Design 11

Ink and Water Design 12

Ink and Water Design 13

Ink and Water Design 14

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  1. Clipping Path says:

    How you create those photos???? Any kind of Photoshop work??? Seems so. By the by, nice work. I just love your work Tom.

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