Surreal Digital Illustrations by Alfonso Elola

Here we have the digitial illustrations of Alfonso Elola, a Caracus, Venezuela based illustrator. The projects that we have featured are entitled 'Organic Portraits' and 'Anatomical Phases', they appear to be very experimental and, in my opinion, potentially trend setting. I have not seen work like this before, its very unique and hard to describe, but definitely something that we need more of! Each piece contains many different layers of what appears to be various interpretations of bone, flesh and muscle. 

We have also found some sketches that Alfonso drew up before some of the pieces below on his Facebook Page, some of you guys may find these as interesting as I do. They are at the bottom of the article. 

Realistic, lover of the composition, complexity, spaces full of details, tinged with a striking light that lets you read between the lines a surreal story with notes of triumph.




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