Through the eyes of Emmy Lou Virginia (User Submission)

I am a self-taught photographer. For me, photography is a way of remembering beauty. Sometimes, I imagine that my eyes are a camera. The couple carrying shopping bags blurs out of focus, and the discarded shoelaces straggling across the sidewalk become black and white, and the girl’s hair is moving in slow motion to the wandering wind, and I feel the need to save this, this loveliness that only I can see. ”

This section has been taken from Emmy’s website, and the reason why I dragged it over to here is simply because it truly expresses the passion that Emmy feels when shooting, below I have selected a few of her pieces that i most admire. I particularly like the simplicity and the stories that are built up through the individual projects, to see more or to get in touch with her visit her website here.






















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  1. Peopeo H says:

    nice mood!

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