What Your Office Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

It takes an alarmingly short amount of time for someone to gather an impression of your company, so great first impressions are essential for a successful business. If you invite clients to come to your building for a meeting, then it is vital that their first point of call – the reception area – is saying all the right things.

Here is a selection of office reception furniture and what impression each piece says about the owner.


This 3 seater curved sofa is simple yet quirky in design, giving off a creative vibe. The choice of
orange is bold and striking offering the impression that your company is not afraid to be seen and
heard – even in its office reception.






With the wicker frame and chintzy material, this sofa looks more at home in a conservatory. If your client was shown to this piece of furniture cradling their coffee, they would come to the conclusion that you had borrowed this from your Grandma and that you did not place importance on the appearance of your company.



We’re all for recycling but making chairs out of cardboard and gaffa tape just doesn’t cut it in the style stakes. A first and last visit rolled into one, if you decide on this as your office reception furniture.



This choice, artistic as it is, is a little unpractical for those less than 50ft tall. Giving the distinct impression that your usual clientele is of the troll or giant persuasion they will be able to do little other than lean against the chair leg.



Light, aesthetically pleasing and inviting, this is a reception area worth investing in. It gives the impression that the décor was thought through to give any visitor the greatest comfort while waiting. Just be careful that the comfort level does not escalate to inducing sleep.



If you are a technologically advanced business that wants to stress the futuristic aspects of your company, then this style of reception furniture gives just that impression. Plus, everyone loves a good egg chair.

Looking more at home in an old people’s home, this sofa just screams “fall asleep on me!”. With varying degrees of recline, you can sit straight, chillax and catch 40 winks. Although comfort should be a priority, this suggests you will waiting a long time in that reception area.



No stranger to a primary colour, this sofa is loud and proud. Subtley does not come into play here and it doesn’t give a relaxing feel as your client waits to be seen. Maybe more at home in a nursery waiting room.



Unless you own a vintage furniture store, this sofa/coffee table/chest of drawers might be better used in your home than the office. Extreemly quirky and with much to take in, it will keep your guest occupied and slightly puzzled but it does not give a very welcoming impression.



These foam rubber seating cubes tell the world that you are not afraid of texture. A little harsh in look and not overly inviting, however they do look futuristic and trendy. If you own an art gallery then they would fit in a treat.

So think hard about your furniture choices when kitting out your reception area, as it should be an extension of what your company stands for. Be sure to keep the style to one theme and to take into consideration comfort and practicality. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

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