Bruno the Brave

Animals From History project by Christina Hess

Christina Hess, a freelance illustrator from Philadelphia, US, has recently produced this beautifully awesome project that she has called … [Read more...]

animal photography

Inspirational Photography by Rachel Bellinsky

This collection of inspirational photography is by Rachel Bellinsky, originally from Las Vegas and currently living in San Diego, California. … [Read more...]

portrait photography

Black and White Portait Photography Inspiration

Black and White photography is versatile and suits most photography subjects ranging from portraits to landscapes. It works with all kinds of … [Read more...]


Beautiful and Dream Like Illustrations by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton, a graphic design student from Canada has created these beautiful digital illustrations that I can only describe as being … [Read more...]


Shattered Glass Animal Sculptures by Marta Klonowska

Marta Klonowska has created these incredible animal sculptures made out of shattered glass, she gets some of her inspiration from old paintings by … [Read more...]

Wolf Ademeit (4)

Beautiful Animal Photography by Wolf Ademeit

"My pictures never try to take account of actual circumstances. They are my elegy on an animal world which disappears in tragic way every day more and … [Read more...]


Unique Animal Photography by Carli Davidson

"Carli spends much of her shoots rolling on the ground with her subject, getting in their skin as much as possible and encouraging them to open up to … [Read more...]