Digital Artwork

Incredible Digital Character Design by Shingo Matsunuma

In this feature I will be presenting to you the portfolio of Japanese artist Shingo Matsunuma. Shingo's portfolio is full of some fantastic digital … [Read more...]


Illustrations and Film work by Carlos Felipe Leon

Carlos Felipe Leon is originally from Colombia and is now living in France working in the animation film industry, some of his projects include; … [Read more...]


Creative and Colorful Character Illustrations by Artcore

Artcore has illustrated some stunning character designs in a distinctive cartoon like style, a style that is becoming more and more popular … [Read more...]

Felideus Bubastis (1)

Surreal Illustration by Felideus Bubastis

Felideus Bubastis is a freelance designer from Madrid, Spain. He has worked as an art director, graphic designer, animator and screenwriter. He is now … [Read more...]


Character Design by Walter Teoh

Walter Teoh is a freelance Illustrator, he mostly does character design and his most recent project is titled 'A Super A Day' which you can keep … [Read more...]

Robert Romanowicz (15)

Character Design by Robert Romanowicz

Robert Romanowicz is from Poland, and painting is his passion. He is successful with his artworks and his work has been featured in galleries and many … [Read more...]

Andrew Diec5

Cute Character Illustrations by Andrew Diec

Andrew Diec's cute little characters are co-created with a friend of his, they do a mixture of short stories featuring a stuffed bear and his friends. … [Read more...]

Michal Dziekan (14)

Illustration and Character Design by Michal Dziekan

Michal Dziekan's illustrations and character designs are unique, he mixes humor with horrific scenes. Every piece seems to tell a story, and you find … [Read more...]

Yu Cheng Hong - Character Design Manga 31

Flawless Character Design by Yu Cheng Hong

Yu Cheng Hong is a master when it comes to character design, from the fine details to the colors. Everything is perfect, and faultless with each and … [Read more...]


Character Design Illustrations by Guy McKinley

This collection of colorful illustrations have been created by Liverpool artist Guy McKinley. Each piece features Guys unique Asian … [Read more...]


Gruesome Character Toy Design by Dr.Befa

Toy Design isn't a subject that we talk about much, but if more toys looked like this, I can imagine that by now we would have a vast … [Read more...]