Hatefuel™- Edo Septiyan (8)

Vector Cartoons by Hatefuel (User Submission)

Hatefuel™ (Edo Septiyan) is a fusion between rad-scientist and graphic designer. After years of work, research and continuous exploration on both form … [Read more...]

Straw Castle (31)

Illustrations by Straw Castle

Straw Castle (Derrick Castle) is an illustrator, he started off with a small clothing line which is now pretty well known and bigger than ever. He has … [Read more...]


Incredible Photo Manipulations by Marcela Bolívar

Marcela Bolívar has a passion for Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration, each piece she has achieved starts off as a photograph and is heavily … [Read more...]

Sebastian Hue (1)

Awesome Digital Matte Paintings by Sebastian Hue

Sebastian Hue is from France, his works are extremely detailed and eye catching, each image is perfect for a wall or a Desktop Background. His works … [Read more...]


Digital Art by Rob Shields

Rob Shields is an Illustrator, most of his illustrations are created digitally, he is also influenced by physical mediums. Rob has clients from both … [Read more...]

Brittany Burton (9)

Illustrations by Brittany Burton

Brittany Burton is from San Diego, California her illustrations are mostly floral and colorful, she has an online Etsy Store, which is definitely … [Read more...]

Fil Daunksy (21)

Inspirational Illustrations by Fil Dunsky

Fil Dunsky is a Freelance illustrator, his works are unique and imaginitive. Some of Fil's clients include; McDonald's, Cosmopolitan, Wrigley and many … [Read more...]

Natalie Shau (4)

Mixed Media Artworks by Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau's artworks are dark and beautiful, her art includes Photography and Illustration. Natalie has had many clients, some are; Lydia … [Read more...]

Tuomas Ikonen (12)

Illustrations by Tuomas Ikonen

Tuomas Ikonen is an illustrator, his work has been exhibited in various places such as; Baetulona Project, Badalona, Spain. 2010, Fremont Art … [Read more...]

Sean Coffey (13)

Inspiring Intarsia by Sean Coffey (User Submission)

Sean Coffey is a Tallahassee woodworker specializing in intarsia. Intarsia is the process of cutting and shaping different species of wood while … [Read more...]

Magnus Rex (18)

Amazing Designs by Magnus Rex

Magnus Rex does all types of design which include films, gaming, comics and online. Some of Magnus Rex' clients include; Marvel, Nickelodeon, Disney, … [Read more...]

Wayne White (17)

Inspirational Word Paintings by Wayne White

Wayne White is an American Artist, 'Wayne has had great success as a fine artist and has created paintings and public works that have been shown all … [Read more...]

Identity Inspiration and Branding Inspiration 36

Branding #8 : Stunning Identity Projects by Pavel Emelyanov

Paval Emelynov works for Russian design company Eskimo, skimming through their portfolio is a joy. They have created some excellent  identities for a … [Read more...]

Tiago Xavier (5)

Animal Photography by Tiago Xavier

Tiago Xavier is a Freelance Photographer, currently living and working in Lisbon. He photographs a range of styles including; Fashion, Portraits, … [Read more...]

Laura Bifano (13)

Unique Illustrations by Laura Bifano

Laura Bifano is an Illustrator , she has recently done a project titled 'Menagerie' which is a series of polygonal animal illustrations,  some are … [Read more...]

Yuri Laptev (10)

Incredible Artworks by Yuri Laptev

Yuri Laptev is an inspirational artist, his works are imaginitive and surreal, he has a range of talents which include: watercolour, digital art, … [Read more...]

Peter Cakovsky (9)

Outstanding Surreal Manipulations by Peter Cakovsky

Peter Cakovsky  is truly inspirational, his works include taking photographs, and highly manipulating them, his website has a "Before/After" page, … [Read more...]

46 - Most-Amazing-Print-Advertisements-23

51 Most Popular Print Ads of 2011

Despite popular claims that print is dead, print advertising continues to be a strong market. Not only are companies spending their ad dollars on … [Read more...]

Teddy Seogiarto (14)

Digital Art by Teddy Soegiarto

Teddy Soegiarto is also known as "theycallmeteddy" he specialises in Digital Art and T-Shirt Design. Teddy works as a full time Freelancer and is … [Read more...]

BloodBoy (2)

Gory Artworks by Bloodboy

Bloodboy is based in Germany, his artworks are very gruesome and well executed, some of Blooboys clients include: Kataklysm, Ed Stone, Virus Magazine, … [Read more...]

featureAleksei Kostjuk

Digital Art by Aleksei Kostjuk

Aleksei Kostjuk is mostly interested in Digital Art/Photoshop, his works are inspiring and eye catching. To see more of Aleksei's work or even get in … [Read more...]