Breathtaking Digital Art by Maria Menshikova

I came across Maria Menshikova on DeviantART, her digital images are beautiful and extremely detailed.  You should definitely check out her DeviantART … [Read more...]

philip mckay8

Surreal Digital Art by Philip Mckay (User Submission)

Philip Mckay manipulates images together creating surreal dark atmospheres, each piece of art tells a story. Philip uses a lot of lines and shadows in … [Read more...]

Alex Solis3

Imaginative Artworks by Alex Solis

Alex Solis' artworks start with a pretty simple sketch and ends with a colourful imaginitive illustration. He has a couple of tutorials on his … [Read more...]

Sam Gilbey

Character Illustrations by Sam Gilbey

Sam Gilbey is mostly well known for his illustrations of characters from movies, video games and comics. Sams work has appeared in magazines such … [Read more...]

Sebastian Andaur15

Digital Art by Sebastian Andaur

Sebastian Andaur is only 17 and all of his designs are of a high standard, with lots of eye catching colours, shapes and styles. Check out his … [Read more...]

Sara Blake (7)

Fine Art and Illustration by Sara Blake

Sara Blake has a wide range of skills, from illustration, typography and digital art. Her work has been published in magazines such as; CUTOUT … [Read more...]

Francesco Sambo (13)

Surreal Digital Art by Francesco Sambo

Francesco Sambo is an extremely surreal and dark digital artist, his images are highly manipulated and definitely one of a kind. Not only … [Read more...]

sam spratt

Incredible Digital Illustration by Sam Spratt

Sam Spratt is seriously awesome at digital art, and this isn't an over exaggeration. He has quite a few clients such as; Angry Birds, msnbc, Trivium, … [Read more...]

Ant Baena - Deadface (12)

The Unique Illustration Styles of Ant Baena

Ant Baena's Illustrations involve both typography and digital art, the work that he creates gives you a great insight of how his mind works. Baena has … [Read more...]


Outstanding Photo Manipulation by Zoltan Toth

A large amount of Zoltan' work is very dark and has a surreal, strange feeling about them. The overall quality of his manipulations are really good. … [Read more...]

Denis Zilberfeature

Awesome Character Design by Denis Zilber

These little characters are pretty awesome, Denis definitely knows how to achieve the best in character design/illustration. Some Characters you will … [Read more...]


Wonderful Digital Art by Philip Brunner

Philip uses a lot of dark with a sudden burst of colour in his works, the high contrast and dream like effect in his final images are effective. I … [Read more...]