The Official 2014 BBC Winter Olympics Trailer (Plus the Making of)

In the UK the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are being broadcasted by our very own BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). For this event the BBC has … [Read more...]

analogue photography

Surreal Analogue Photography by Rekakoti

Rekakoti has created these stunning images, her main focus is analogue photography and she has re-discovered lomography. "Her timeless … [Read more...]

film and flower photography

Film and Flower Photography by Charlotte Hannah

Here is c ollection of Film and Flower Photography by Charlotte Hannah, a mixed media artsit based in the North West of England. She has graduated … [Read more...]


Welcome to My Little Tranquil World – Naruemon Puriso (Eve)

Welcome to My Little Tranquil World, I am left-handed and very proud of it. I hold a bachelor of arts in English Literature. Now working as a hostel … [Read more...]


Captain Feline: Go For Launch (User Submission)

Captain Feline is a fun range of t-shirt illustrations from yours truly, and my arty partners Amanda and Kelly. We blended our love of cats with our … [Read more...]

Ezgi Polat (2)

Film Photography by Ezgi Polat

Ezgi Polat is currently living in Berlin, Germany and is studying photography. Her images are all taken with film, each filled with emotion and are … [Read more...]

Aleyn Comprendio (6)

Dreamy Film Photography by Aleyn Comprendio

Aleyn Comprendio uses a Pentax SLR with cheap film, the grainy effect the film gives makes her images seem more dream and fairy tale like. Her work … [Read more...]

Sky Arts Competition Entry - Nicholas Martin 7

Sky Arts Project by Nicholas Martin

I was wondering about the studio at university, and I came across Nick editing this video, impressed instantly. I think the concept is brilliant, and … [Read more...]

Ravi Vora (5)

Eye Catching Photography and Film by Ravi Vora

Ravi Vora is a Photographer and Film Director, some of his clients include: Disney, Coffee Mate, Pixar, Toyota and many more. You can see more works … [Read more...]

Joshua Cunningham (3)

Photography by Joshua Cunningham (User Submission)

Joshua Cunningham is a Photography student studying at Derby University, he works in both film and digital, and likes to experiment with various film … [Read more...]

Glass Boy Project by Roni Kleiner 2

Incredible Glass Boy Project by Roni Kleiner

I just came across this project by Roni Kleiner, the concept is just as strong as the message that the piece is trying to portray. The attention to … [Read more...]

zuzana mitošinková (24)

Amazing Film Photography by zuzana mitošinková

Zuzana Mitošinková is a Photographer from Bratislava, Slovakia, I love her style, composition, depth of fieldand each overall image is spot on. If you … [Read more...]

Lisa Elmaleh (15)

Large Format Film Photography by Lisa Elmaleh

Lisa Elmaleh specialises in large format  8×10″photography and works in tintype, glass negative and celluloid film. Her darkroom is in the trunk of … [Read more...]

Joni Sternback1

Wet Plate Surf Photography by Joni Sternback

Joni Sternback works with a Large Format Camera and uses the Wet Plate Collodion Process. Joni Sternback has a book out called 'Surfland' her images … [Read more...]

willy ronis feature

World Famous: Willy Ronis’s Photography Portfolio

Willy Ronis was a French Photographer who died in 2009 at the age of 99, he was the first French Photographer to work for 'LIFE Magazine'. I came … [Read more...]

Gavin Hammond2

Lomo Photography by Gavin Hammond (User Submission)

Gavin Hammond is a musician, writer and photographer from London. The music and film producer for film noir pop group Sweet Tooth, he is also a … [Read more...]

Olivia Larrain Heiremans (9)

Film Photography by Olivia Larrain Heiremans

Olivia Larrain Heiremans' photography have a vintage feel, the scratches on the film add a nice effect to every image. Her work comes across as a … [Read more...]

Kati Leinonen (6)

Wet Plate Portraits by Kati Leinonen

"Important thing for me about wet-plate process is the uniqueness of the plates. All the little mistakes showing on the surface making the plate … [Read more...]