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The Shocking Manipulation of Models in Advertising (Time Lapse Video)

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool, and that it plays an important role in the lives of millions. But as the saying goes, with power, … [Read more...]


Photo Manipulations by Patricia Villanueva

Patricia Villanueva has created these photo manipulations, she is a photographer and digital experimenter. Patricia is currently settled in France, if … [Read more...]

Thomas Jackson Photography - Swarm

Swarms Of Everyday Objects Project by Thomas Jackson

I recently came across this inspirational abstract project by Thomas Jackson, it consists of 'Swarms' of unusual objects floating about various … [Read more...]


Jim Viola – American Designer, Blogger and Solopreneur (User Submission)

I'm an American based designer working freelance full-time in effort to expand my catalog of professional work. I have been working professionally as … [Read more...]

Dean Bradshaw (24)

Amazing Editorial Photography by Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is an inspiring photographer, each of his photographs tell a story, the models and lighting are spot on. Dean started off as a … [Read more...]


Incredible Photo Manipulations by Marcela Bolívar

Marcela Bolívar has a passion for Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration, each piece she has achieved starts off as a photograph and is heavily … [Read more...]


Surreal Manipulation by Daria Endresen

Daria Endresen's works are surreal, dark and filled with emotion, all of the images on her site are available in high quality prints so go take a … [Read more...]

Peter Cakovsky (9)

Outstanding Surreal Manipulations by Peter Cakovsky

Peter Cakovsky  is truly inspirational, his works include taking photographs, and highly manipulating them, his website has a "Before/After" page, … [Read more...]


Surreal Digital Manipulation by Karina Marandjian

Karina Marandjian is also known as Daunhaus, she is from Mosco, Russia. Her manipulations are extremely surreal and remind me of the artist Oleg Dou. … [Read more...]


Extreme Photo-Manipulation by Michaelo

Michaelo is amazing at what he does, each piece starts with a simple image, and through Photoshop and Digital Painting Michaelo creates fantastic … [Read more...]

Heidi lender (8)

Photography by Heidi Lender

Heidi Lender is an inspiring Photographer, composition and having good ideas are key, she has both of these. On her website, she has descriptions of … [Read more...]


Flawless Portrait Photography by Willie Runte

Willie Runte is an expert in digital manipulation, he works with a variety of photo enhancing software including Photoshop. Willie Runte has shot for … [Read more...]

philip mckay8

Surreal Digital Art by Philip Mckay (User Submission)

Philip Mckay manipulates images together creating surreal dark atmospheres, each piece of art tells a story. Philip uses a lot of lines and shadows in … [Read more...]


Eye Catching Digital Art by Billelis

I came across Billelis on Designers Couch, his main interests are  photomanipulation, illustration, motion graphics, 3D design and anything … [Read more...]


Inspirational Surreal Photography by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison are known for there surreal style photographs, the composition in every piece is perfect. I have found a website that … [Read more...]

Sorolta feature

Amazing Surreal Photography Manipulation by Sarolta Bán

I came across Sarolta Bán through randomly searching the net, and instantly wanted to feature her. Sarolta's work is dark, mysterious and shows a lot … [Read more...]

Matej Toman4

Photography by Matej Toman

Matej Toman is versatile when it comes to Photography, some images are a little dark and mysterious and others bright and magical. He manipulates … [Read more...]

attila kozo (17)

Creative Photography by Attila Kozó

Attila Kozó manipulates his images to a great standard,  each and every photograph is thought out and executed well. His artworks are very creative … [Read more...]


Comical Photography by Stefano Pedretti

Stefano's Photography is creative, there are some awesome portraits he has taken and edited to look like characters from some sort of … [Read more...]


Outstanding Photo Manipulation by Zoltan Toth

A large amount of Zoltan' work is very dark and has a surreal, strange feeling about them. The overall quality of his manipulations are really good. … [Read more...]


Amazing Photography by Jorge Miguel

The images on this feature are pretty rad, the manipulation is brilliant. His work is unique and lighting in each photograph is spot on. "I … [Read more...]