The Shocking Manipulation of Models in Advertising (Time Lapse Video)

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool, and that it plays an important role in the lives of millions. But as the saying goes, with power, comes responsibility. Something that is often ignored when Photoshop and the manipulation of models in advertising collide.

We have all seen before and after pictures drifting around the web, some of them are pretty shocking, but most are harmless in comparison to this video. This video time lapses an extreme example of the manipulation that some models undergo with the use of make-up and Photoshop in preparation for an advert. 

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Jim Viola – American Designer, Blogger and Solopreneur (User Submission)

I’m an American based designer working freelance full-time in effort to expand my catalog of professional work. I have been working professionally as a freelancer for more than five years, but also have several years agency experience (which is where I learned my work ethic!). You can view my work in part at and keep up with my thoughts on freelancing at my blog

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