Daniel Barkley (9)

Outstanding Realistic Paintings by Daniel Barkley

Daniel Barkley has an amazing talent, his paintings are realistic and the proportions of the face and body are spot on. There are a lot of emotion in … [Read more...]

Lou Ros Acrylic Paintings 4

Acrylic Paintings by French Artist Lou Ros

These incredible acrylic paintings by Lou Ros has such style and class, I can't get enough of them. This particular experimental style is something im … [Read more...]


Project Showcase – Broken 1000 Faces by Takahiro Kimura

Project Showcase will be a post series that will be making a regular appearance on the website and each post will consist of a project created by … [Read more...]


Amazing and Surreal paintings by Jose Mertz

jose Mertz is an artist / image maker based in Miami, Fl. His creative area of interest is traditional drawing, painting as well as digital design. He … [Read more...]