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Wesley Burt Sketch Book Inspiration 8

The Sketching Talents of Wesley Burt

The unique sketching style of Wesley Burt is  so surreal, and I love the way that Wesley mashes up … [Read more...]

Diego Fernandez (10)

Beautiful Female Illustrations by Diego Fernandez

Diego Fernandez' illustrations are  beautiful and well executed, all of his creations are a … [Read more...]

Pat Perry17

Awesome Illustrations by Pat Perry

Pat Perry is a talented illustrator, his artworks are detailed and bizarre. Pat's technique in his … [Read more...]


Beautiful Illustrations by Rebecca Ladds

Rebecca Ladds' artworks are very inspirational, most of her artworks are of beautiful people and … [Read more...]

Terry Fan (2)

Illustration Art by Terry Fan

Terry Fan has has twelve of his designs printed at threadless.com some of his other clients include; … [Read more...]

Sougwen Chung. (11)

Detailed Illustrations by Sougwen Chung

Sougwen Chung's work is very elegant, her work is full of curves and lines. All of her pieces are … [Read more...]

Joao Ruas (9)

Inspirational Illustration by Joao Ruas!

Joao Ruas was a young child when he started getting interested in art. "At an early age he was left … [Read more...]

Joe Fenton - Whats under the bed 2

Flawless Pencil Drawings by Joe Fenton

The weird and wonderful world of Joe Fenton grabs my attention every time I come across his … [Read more...]

Danny Nguyen (17)

Behind the Mind of Donny Nguyen

These sketches are amazing, I find looking through someone sketch book is quite personal, and more … [Read more...]

Avtomobile (23)

Art and Clothing by Avtomobile (Submission)

This company is called Avtomobile, and the owner called Maris Turner. He owns a tiny studio space/ … [Read more...]

Ivica Stevanovic (8)

Surreal Illustration by Ivica Stevanovic

"When creating art, Ivica using different techniques: from ink pen drawing as a basis, through … [Read more...]

Boris Pelcer (5)

The Talented Boris Pelcer

"Boris Pelcer is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Letterer & Typographer. He has worked as a … [Read more...]


Project Showcase – Broken 1000 Faces by Takahiro Kimura

Project Showcase will be a post series that will be making a regular appearance on the website and … [Read more...]

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