zombie photograph

The ‘Zombie’ Project by Brian Cummings

Here is the 'Zombie' project by Brian Cummings, showing before and after images of what these people could look like when bitten by a … [Read more...]

illustration inspiration

Illustrations by Simon Vaeth

Simon Vaeth is a Danish illustrator based in Copenhagen, here are a couple of pieces from his online portfolio "My inspiration is a mixture of … [Read more...]

drawing inspiration

Animal Illustrations by Hannah Lee

Here we have a collection of illustrations from the portfolio of Hannah Lee, many of which are focused primarily on animals and cleverly constructed … [Read more...]

illustration inspiration

The Illustration Portfolio of Conor Nolan

Here are a few illustrations from Conor Nolan's portfolio, he lives in Brooklyn and is available for commissions, shows and projects. Some of … [Read more...]

Portrait Manipulations

Funny Portrait Manipulations – ‘The Outer Child’ Project by Christian Girotto

These hilarious portrait manipulations by Christian Girotto and Curtat Quentin is unlike any other project that I have come across, and the … [Read more...]


Cute and Funny Character Designs by Marie Breuer

These cute little character designs have been created by Belgium Illustrator Marie Breuer. Marie's portfolio is full of fantastic little characters … [Read more...]

Magical Art

Magical Art by Kazim

Kazim is a french visionary and occult artist, he has created this magicall art. Combined in a multi-layered digital art mixing photography and scan … [Read more...]


Surreal Art by Ramona Ring

In this post you will find some of Ramons Ring's surreal art pieces, her style is unique, eye catching and beautiful. She is currently studying at … [Read more...]


Unique and Surreal Art by Sit

The artist Sit created this unique and surreal art that will definitely inspire you, Sit has been creating these amazing artworks since 2008. His/her … [Read more...]

Joel Robison - Fine art Photography 9

Beautiful and Surreal Photography by Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson, a fantastically creative photographer exploring deeper and deeper into the art of photo manipulation. His images are usually quite … [Read more...]

Sally Mann Photography 9

World Famous – Sally Mann Photography

Sally Mann is an American photographer, best known for her large black-and-white photographs, at first of her young children, then later of landscapes … [Read more...]


Awesome Digital Art by Maxim Goudin

Maxim Goudin is a digital artist working from Moscow, Russia, his works are stunning, unique and well compositioned.  If you would like to get in … [Read more...]

Geoggrey Chadsey 4

Surreal Portrait Sketches by Geoffrey Chadsey

Geoffrey Chadsey depicts images from random Flickr profiles and hook-up websites, the images he selects tend to be them of imperfect bodies, flat … [Read more...]


Strange, Surreal and Unexplainable yet Brilliant Artwork by Jose Mertz

Jose Mertz is a artist / image maker based in Miami, Fl. His creative area of interest range from traditional drawing and painting to graphic … [Read more...]


The Surreal and Original Artwork of Marc Da Cunha Lopes

The work of Marc Da Cunha Lopes is as unique and as versatile as they come. From the details to the individual ideas, his work is fantastic. Below we … [Read more...]


Unique and Surreal Illustrations by Josh Vanover

Josh Vanover is one of the most unique and illusive designers I have ever come across, his work is mainly monochrome and is generally quite disturbing … [Read more...]


Creative Surreal Illustrations by Tarin Yuangtrakul

The work of Tarin Yuangtrakul boasts great details and creativity and browsing through Tarins portfolio is a pleasure; not only does he display his … [Read more...]


Freaky and Surreal Digital Artwork by Anton Semenov

Russian artist, Anton Semenov is consistantly creating some of the most freaky and surreal digital artworks I have ever seen. His … [Read more...]