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3D Typography and Artwork by Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is a young designer from Poland who has been pumping out some incredible 3D Typography … [Read more...]


Illustration and Hand lettering by Karl Kwasny

When it comes to hand lettering and illustration Karl Kwasny is at the top of his game, he is … [Read more...]

Gothic Calligraphy 10

Awesome Gothic Calligraphy Drawn Onto Skin

Here we have some great examples of Gothic Calligraphy drawn directly onto skin by multi-talented … [Read more...]


42 Vintage Illustrations and Typography Artwork from The Unicorn Kingdom

The Unicorn Kingdom is the alias name for atlanta based designer, Zach Graham. His vintage … [Read more...]

graphic design and lettering

Graphic Design and Lettering by Becca Clason

Becca Clason is the designer of this graphic design and lettering work, she a freelance artist … [Read more...]


Poster Designs for Plays Not Yet Written by Sandy Farrier

This work bridges three interests of mine: design, photography and theater. Poster designs concepts … [Read more...]


Graphic Designer and Graffiti Writer Dawid Cmok

Dawid Cmok is a graphic designer and graffiti writer from Poland, what I like about Dawid is that he … [Read more...]


Branding by Joluvian

Joluvian is a venezuelan freelance graphic designer based in Madrid, specialising in brush lettering … [Read more...]

The Gallimaufry Project - Ged Palmer 10

The Gallimaufry Branding Project by Ged Palmer

Here I present to you guys a new project by Bristol based designer Ged Palmer, Some of you may … [Read more...]


Typography by Ryan Lucarelli

Ryan Lucarelli is a graphic designer and illustrator, he has earned a earned his BFA in Graphic … [Read more...]


Incredible VOID Project by Polish Digital Collective Goverdose

Goverdose was born in 2008 as a result of online collaboration between digital artists. The group … [Read more...]


Typography and Illustration work by BMD Design

BMD Design is another designer that takes a mighty fine spot on my personal inspiration podiums, the … [Read more...]

Basic RGB

Everywhere in Chains Project by Jonathan Schubert

Johnathan Schubert, a new one to add to your 'typography genius' list. His passion for politics has … [Read more...]


Grim Guitars (User Submission)

Grim Guitars was a project developed in the discipline of Preliminary Design, Graphic Design course … [Read more...]


Hand-drawn typography by Nathan Yoder

Nathan Yoder is an artist I follow on Dribbble who goes by the name of Flyboy productions, I usually … [Read more...]

Commoner, Inc. (4)

Brand Identity, Illustration and Typography by Commoner, Inc.

"Commoner, Inc. is a Boston based design studio specializing in brand identity, custom typography … [Read more...]


Barnaby Black Identity Design by Jon Contino

Barnaby Black is an apparel extension from the already existing clothing line CXXVI Clothing Co, … [Read more...]


Jim Viola – American Designer, Blogger and Solopreneur (User Submission)

I'm an American based designer working freelance full-time in effort to expand my catalog of … [Read more...]


A Showcase of Beautiful Free Fonts

Design is as much about the typography as it is the images and art. A typeface can completely change … [Read more...]


Lettering Designs by Martin Schmetzer

Martin Schmetzer is a designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, he creates beautiful lettering … [Read more...]

Sasha Prood (24)

Colorful Typography, Illustrations and Patterns by Sasha Prood

Sasha Prood is an Artist who lives and works in Brooklyn,  she uses pencil, pen and watercolor with … [Read more...]

Identity Inspiration and Branding Inspiration 36

Branding #8 : Stunning Identity Projects by Pavel Emelyanov

Paval Emelynov works for Russian design company Eskimo, skimming through their portfolio is a joy. … [Read more...]


The Phraseology Project

In January 2011 Drew Melton got the idea to start designing user submitted words and phrases in … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Type 53

The Evolution of Type, Project by Andreas Scheiger

The Evolution of Type is an ongoing exhibition by Andreas Scheiger, Here is how he introduces his … [Read more...]


45 Fantastic Examples of Vintage Fashion Adverts

Here I have compiled a stunning collection of vintage fashion adverts courtesy of … [Read more...]

Sabeena Karnik (19)

Colourful Paper Sculpting by Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik is a Fine Artist, Calligrapher, Illustrator and Typographer who specialises in Paper … [Read more...]

Claire Coullon (8)

Inspiring Typography by Claire Coullon

Claire Coullon is a French Graphic Designer, her designs are modern, clean, minimalist and … [Read more...]

Jon May (8)

Various Illustrations by Jon May

Jon May's illustrations have various different styles, such as; typography, sketch, painting and … [Read more...]

Allt Gott Branding by Kristin Agnarsdottir 16

Branding #7 : Its ‘Allt Gott’ and Stunning

recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not submitting … [Read more...]

Girt by Wood by Ben Crick 15

Branding #5 : Stunning Girt by Wood Identity

So recently I am studying Branding as part of a large University project. So rather than not … [Read more...]

Sean McCabe (10)

Outstanding Typography by Sean McCabe

I came across Sean McCabe through Dribbble, his works are pretty rad and he explains his passion … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Each and Every One of You!

Now all of the decs are up and presents bought, I'm sure you're all feeling a tad bit Christmasy? So … [Read more...]

Ged Palmer Typography Illustration 7

Bristol Based Typography Artist Ged Palmer

Its nice to stumble upon some raw talent from my neck of the woods, Ged Palmer is a typography … [Read more...]

Going Gone Gorilla Project Inspiration 2

Project Showcase : Going Gone Gorilla

"The wildly popular Wow! Gorillas project involved sixty leading artists and was timed to celebrate … [Read more...]

Resistenza (14)

Inspirational Typography by Resistenza

Resistenza achieve all of this eye catching lettering using pen and ink calligraphy as well as … [Read more...]

Dan Cassaro (18)

Custom Type by Dan Cassaro

Dan Cassaro's work has been published in magazines including; 1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers, … [Read more...]

Ant Baena - Deadface (12)

The Unique Illustration Styles of Ant Baena

Ant Baena's Illustrations involve both typography and digital art, the work that he creates gives … [Read more...]


Stunning Modern Vintage Takes on Classic Disney Posters

Tom Whalen has recently created these stunning modern vintage Walt Disney poster printing. From the … [Read more...]

Stephanie Kubo (3)

Creative Typography by Stephanie Kubo

There are lots of different styles of typography done by Stephanie Kubo. There is much more on her … [Read more...]

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