5 Important Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2017

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Tracking web design trends is a must for web designers and developers; the harsh competition within the industry combined with the struggle to stand out has created a constant shift in web technology. When searching the internet for the latest news on the topic, the amount of information is so heavy and can often lead to confusion and a dwindling desire to keep up, so we’ve decided to write this simple blog post. With the help from the guys at Template Monster (Yes, we are affiliates with Template Monster, but soon you will understand why!), we have put together a list of 5 major web design trends that we think every smart designer must follow in 2017 to create “fashionable” websites.

We provided each trend with a short description and a pair of vivid examples. One of the examples is a live website, another is a template that you can download and use within your own web projects. You will be able to see the trend live, by clicking the “Demo” button beneath the template screenshot. 

Mobile Friendly

The first trend we would like to highlight is responsiveness. Mobile first is the motto of the modern world and we can do nothing about it. Every day, millions of people, at least once surf the web, send a message or make a call, so this experience should be maximally comfortable. If you are a website owner and still haven’t heard about responsiveness, it’s high time to begin implementing it so that your visitors find it convenient to surf your resource. You can’t but agree that responsiveness is a must-have. May the examples below be your experimental objects. Try to view them from all the gadgets you have at hand right now and see how beautifully they operate.

Valerian Intergalactic Mission


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Cycling Responsive Website Template


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One-page websites

This trend is rapidly growing and is gradually becoming more popular among larger online companies. Why? The answer is simple; one-pagers are super easy to use. They consolidate your entire website into one easy to navigate page thus increasing conversions and the effectiveness of your website. Of course, not all websites are suited to a one-page template. See the examples below to get a better understanding of one-page websites.



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Arch Expo Website Template


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Parallax effect

Some designers like Parallax, others do not. Personally, I’m a big fan. Anything that encourages users to immerse themselves in your content is a plus! Parallax Effects add a whole new dimension to your website and can be used subtly or to the extreme for a fully immersive experience.

These Beats Are Dope

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Travel Agency Responsive Website Template


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Motion User Interface

Initially created for Apps, Motion UI is a Sass library for quickly creating CSS transitions and animations. The latest version of Motion UI has been integrated with an animation queuing system; flexible patterns of CSS which have more options for robust transition and can work with all kinds of JavaScript animation libraries.

Obrigado Coconut Water


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Jumerix – Multipurpose Joomla Template


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The use of authentic photography

This is very important. If there is one resolution you want to set for 2017, it should be to avoid using stock photography within your website (the boring, uncharismatic kind). Nobody will trust your service or product this year if you use the soulless photos of Rebecca Ariane Givens to present them. If you’re short on budget, there are many free photo resources which provide high-quality authentic photos from real people with real emotions in the real world; check out this article for 12 useful (and free!) stock photography websites.



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Garden Design Responsive Website Template


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These are the main trends to be aware of, although, this list of the biggest web design trends for 2017 can be continued. For instance: conversational UI, minimalism, material style, flat design, bright colors, bold typography, advanced use of JavaScript, and virtual reality-based websites will also be in vogue. We are sure you have your own opinion on what will be trendy in 2017. Please don’t be shy to contribute to our list. Your comments and examples are always welcome within the section below.