Create a Free Website Out of Thin Air in No Time

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If you don't know what a code free website creator is, it's probably about time to find out. It's the way web design was brought to the level of the layman, and now everybody can make their own website in a matter of minutes. No code knowledge needed, no hiring developers; everything takes shape as you make the design changes you want, much like in a game of creativity.

There are a lot of such platforms out there, and choosing a good one can take some time. We have talked about a few on here so far, In this article we are talking about a fine example that is 'Website Builder', a versatile and easy to use service, which is also completely free to use.


On their homepage a big yellow button invites you to dive into the creative process, without registration or credit card information needed. The next big choice is deciding between working with templates or starting from scratch and building everything yourself. I would say the template way is the one to go, and not only for beginners; every template can be edited.


The templates come in a wide variety, covering a plethora of domains, from music to restaurants to real estate and freelancing. Here you can also find the option for building a website for phones/tablets, since lingering on laptops is just not enough anymore. With the popularity of the smart phone growing exponentially, the demand for tablet and phone websites cannot go unnoticed. This, no doubt, has a direct impact upon everything that means publicity, and eventually a company's image. 


The next step takes you to the customization screen. Here you can add elements from a top menu anywhere on the dashboard: pictures, galleries, slideshows, video embeds, social media buttons, you name it. A HTML frame can also be dragged anywhere on the work board and everything you write inside takes shape instantly. 

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After the site is done, the Publish button allows you to name the site. Website Builder offers hosting and domain services as well, for very competitive prices. This is also the step where registration takes place, and after that your site can go live. 


Support is available as a PDF guide, for finding your way with the platform, though I hardly believe it's needed – everything is very straightforward and intuitive, and an e-mail address for customer service. All in all, I would say Website Builder is one of the best free options in the field right now, for its ease of use, variety, multifunctionality with platforms, which is not something that popular yet, and cost-effectiveness: completely free. What more could you ask for?

Compilled below are eight great examples of what you can do with Website Builder.

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