Creative Magazines Every Designer Must Have

The internet is full of blogs like this one that deliver you the most up to date news as it happens, when it happens. But nothing beats a good magazine, especially ones aimed at creatives. Some people say that printed media is dying, I completely disagree and I hope you being here reading this proves that you do to. Below I have listed the best magazines you as a creator, must own.

Photoshop Creative Magazine

Photoshop Creative Magazine is one of the more popular choices for Photoshop users around the globe, each magazine comes with a CD stuffed with tutorials, resources and more inspiration for you to feast your eyes on.

Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine is a magazine primarily focused on all of the Adobe programs, so you can find tips from layouts in indesign to lighting design in after effects. Take a look at there back issues and keep an eye out for there up and coming issues, most of them should tickle your fancy.

Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts is one of my all time favorites, all of there issue's are stuffed with inspiration and tutorials for the industries top professionals. They have also released a sister magazine called Computer Arts Projects, which focuses on various projects that are happening within the industry at current.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Advanced Photoshop another magazine aimed at  you fellow photoshoppers, similar to Photoshop Creative they bring you tutorials, resources, and inspiration. Aimed at the more advanced users of Photoshop.

CMYK Magazine

CMYK Magazine is a great source for creative inspiration, each series is jam packed with some of the most inspirational characters from within the industry, and so so much more. Definitely a personal recommendation from myself, and one of my personal favorites.

Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper Magazine is a magazine you should most definitely own if you are interested in all types of design. This ranges from Fashion to Architecture. To keep up to date with the biggest industry in the world all in one fix, wallpaper magazine should help you on your way.

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