Meet Luminar: The Advanced Photo Editor that Adapts to You

Even the most experienced web designers will, at times, be severely tested when faced with producing complex photo content in keeping with a client’s high expectations. Photo editing is usually not one of a typical designer’s strong points.
Most of the more eye-catching and engaging photos you see online have been edited to a degree. Photo editing is often a necessity in a competitive visual culture if a photo or image is to contribute to telling the story a client wants to tell.

  • E-commerce and presentation website clients want images that reinforce their brand or will entice a user to make a purchase.
  • Freelancer’s portfolios must display examples of their efforts that will capture the attention of prospective clients.
  • Companies planning social media campaigns are always looking for designers who can produce attention-getting photo content.


A washed-out image has little to say. With Luminar’s help, you can make the same image tell a story.

The search for a decent Mac photo editor, coupled with learning how to use one effectively, can take more time and effort than you may be willing to spend.

Save yourself the extra hassle by giving Luminar a spin. This advanced photo editor for Mac adapts to your style; it’s the world’s first photo editor that can make that claim.

Users Love Luminar’s Advanced Features.

Mac users are familiar with what this image editing software can do, and how easily it can do it. PC users will have the opportunity to join the ranks of Luminar’s happy users in 2017. Apple attested to Luminar’s advanced image editing capabilities and popularity by designating Macphun, its authors, as “Best of the Year” the past five years. This comparison page illustrates how well Luminar stacks up against its competition.

1. An Adaptive UI, that Makes Photo Editing a Pleasure for Everyone


Luminar’s UI is easy on the eyes, and easy for anyone at any skill level to use.

When you purchase any other image editor, be prepared to have to adapt to its UI. Luminar’s authors felt this approach was both time-consuming and unnecessary. Their photo editor for Mac has a UI that adapts to your skill level and style. All you need to do is set the appropriate skill level mode, and off you go. Switching modes takes but a single click, and you can make a switch at any time.

The rudimentary editing functions, along with those most often used, are accessed on the sidebar and toolbars. The more advanced functions and features are easily accessed whenever you have a need for them.

2. The Bi-Colored Toning Filter

With this simple to work with feature you can work magic with photographs. Bi-color toning involves applying one filter color (Red, Green, or Blue) to the upper part of an image, and a second color to the lower part. By doing so, you can produce effects ranging from extremely subtle to quite pronounced. How you apply the toning is totally adjustable; plus, you always have control over the process.

3. Channel Mixer

The Channel Mixer offers additional ways to fine-tune or improve photos and images. Two common uses of this feature involve removing distant haze in landscape photos, or increasing color intensity in an area you would like to highlight or emphasize. As is the case with the other Mac image editing features, you always have full control while editing.

4. Blend Mode

When operating in the blend mode, you’re given a range of options to fine-tune images or incorporate special effects. While an editing outcome could appear rather complex, the individual functions are straightforward to apply. This mode is typically used for lightening, darkening, or tinting an image, or part of an image.

5. Workspaces

This photo editor feature is unique to Luminar. Workspaces are collections of tools that are best suited for editing particular types of photographs. Several default workspaces come with the package. You can create your own workspace, and set it as the default if you wish. Work spaces can be imported and exported. Using a workspace can be a big time saver.

This photo and image editor provides over 300 different editing features and functions. Several of the more commonly used functions are brush editing (18 different size brushes), Adjustment Gradient, and Color Balance, Adjustment Gradient, and Advanced Contrast filters.

One of the features of this photo editor Mac users greatly appreciate is its non-destructive editing option. It’s a great feature to have handy, even though every editing process is under your control.
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What Others are Saying About Luminar

“Finally, a creative editing software with an intuitive layout that is simple to use, and helps me create unique looking images. Luminar is a great addition to my workflow – I can drop in images and be confident I can quickly turn around a cool image ready for sharing.”Matt Granger, world class photographer, and educator.

“Luminar is a welcome addition to my digital toolbox. Even a software guru like me found that my control-freak expectations were met or exceeded. Highly recommended for all photographers who have a Mac, and are looking for more options to change the look of their photos or fix tough problems with precise manual control.”Richard Harrington, Photofocus publisher.

“Luminar is a fantastic RAW editor packed full of innovative features: the layer-based editing is extremely powerful and flexible; the workspaces can be customized to perfectly reflect my editing workflow; and, a plethora of filters enable ultimate creative control.”Will Burrand Lucas, award winning wildlife photographer.

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