Portfoliobox: Designers’ Go-To Building Tool For Portfolio Websites

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We all know it’s no longer necessary to call for the coding skills of a web developer each time you need to get a website up and running. A whole army of website builders, some of which are more accomplished than others, is just a click away (and most of them offer their services for free). Nevertheless, if you’re thinking to build your online portfolio, we recommend taking a look at Portfoliobox.


This online platform has so far served the needs of 80.000 pleased users, and its retinue expands at a rate of 1000 new clients per week. Some of the fresh contractors are designers; others are architects, make-up artists, models, or photographers. All in all, each of these users ended up with a gorgeous online portfolio, crafted entirely after their taste.

You don’t have to go to great lengths to set up your own site, it is quite simple. First you take a minute to sign up for a FREE or a PRO account, and then you’re redirected to your admin panel, which has the appearance of a futuristic command dashboard. Set up a start page, category pages, galleries, and model the content and design of your future portfolio accordingly. 


Keep in mind that you don’t ever have to use the same old theme for every page; for example, one of your galleries can be showcased in a slideshow, and you can set the next one to be displayed in a dynamic grid, or in a horizontal line. Therefore, Portfoliobox is unique by its LEGO-like liberty to concoct a highly personalized portfolio. 


What is more, the text editor involved in creating text pages has form builders, videos, and maps – and it is one of the most proficient ones on the market. In addition, free users are also at liberty to set up their e-commerce, and they can send newsletters with the help of a professional system. 


Portfoliobox has an intuitive learning base for fresh users, who thereby get a clear idea of how to operate their dashboard in no time at all. Moreover, their team of experts enacts upgrades every month, so that the platform anticipates and keeps up with the needs of their creative users.

Finally, here are a few details concerning the FREE/PRO membership. A FREE account is granted all PRO-type templates for the first 30 days, and it is allowed to store up to 40 images. However, one can send invitations, and be rewarded: each invite enables 10 more images for you and your invitee, and 10 invitations level you up to a free PRO account. Normally, the PRO membership costs $6.9/month, and comes with one domain, one email address, free support, free web hosting, and with a scalable number of 1000 pages and images.


As you can see, there are many arguments in favor of using this web tool to create your online portfolio. It’s up to you, but if you want to build a laudable setting to showcase your work in – and save loads of time in the process, we think this option is one of the best, and most flexible without all the fuss.

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