10 More Color Filled Abstract Backgrounds for Your Designs and Desktop

Abstract backgrounds like these are as useful as they are beautiful, they provide an interesting backdrop to any website, app and design without taking any attention away from what’s important. Here I have created a total of 10 backgrounds that you can utilize within your personal creations for free. If you enjoy using this style of background, we have other collections for you to look through, here are 7 and here are 13 more. 

abstract background 1

The resolution of these wallpapers / backgrounds is a huge 3800 x 2400 with a 300dpi. Tip: Blur them even more in Photoshop (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) for an improved simplistic finish.

design background 2

design background 3

design background 4

design background 5

abstract background 6

design background 7

design background 8

design background 9

abstract background 10


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      No problem Suruha, you might be pleased to hear that I am currently working on a website that will contain 100’s of backgrounds like this :) Keep your eyes peeled. 

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