11 Free Handcrafted Fonts You Need to Download!

I have been creating and selling handcrafted fonts now for 2 years (You can visit my store here and browse my Creative Market). So I know how much time and effort can be put into creating a 'good' font (200 hours+), and the decision to give a font away for free is a tough one. Whilst I have a few free fonts available and probably a few more to come, some designers go all out. Below, I have compiled 20 of my absolutely favorite handmade fonts from some of most generous designers. 20 that I think you should download.

Vintage & Eroded Font

Aleph Corp has created this beautiful and touching font where every letter is decorated with bright floral. The font is free to use for both personal and commercial uses. 




Download Here


Cabana Free Font

New Handmade Free Font by Adrien Coquet.



Download Here

Gagalin – Free Comic Font

Gagalin is a 100% free and handcrafted uppercase comic font created by Greek designer Lordanis Passas

6 7

Download Here


Sketchetik is a MyFonts rising star font and was one of the top fonts for 2010. The light weight is available for free download. Designed by Ossi Gustafsson

8 9

Download Here


Bizon was designed by Axel Bizon. Whilst the glyph coverage is very small, it's very nicely designed and quite unique. 


Download Here


Curely is a handmade, quirky serif font designed by Indonesian based studio Konstantine 

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Download Here

Parker Font

Parker is a brilliant vintage inspired hand crafted font created by James Lafuente. It's the kind of font that is brilliant for accent words and slogans. 

28ba03ebf89a6e2d32a9a6d21bafca91 a5b5feb000f950ac537529a31c8adacf

Download Here


Interestingly, this is Anastasia Dimitriadi's first font. Such a brilliant font to kick off with. 


Download Here

FFAD Matro

​A handwritten font by SuperBruut with some ligatures & some alternate characters for a more handwritten feel. It's a free personal use & commercial use.

11 57a2c5027abbf695d3bf58fbeaa14ac7

Download Here

Besom – Free Brush Font

Brush fonts are becoming more and more popular, so here's a free one. Designed by RIT Creative.


Download Here

Last but not least, my own recent creation. Abbie Script.

1small 2small 3small small

Download Here


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